Colbert Wants Debt Ceiling Fight Rescheduled to Make Room for America's Other Pending Disasters (Video)

It’s funny because we’re really scared

“Can we pencil that in for next Wednesday,” Colbert continued while holding up a date book. “Maybe a ‘lunch-mageddon’?”

That’s when Colbert debuted a new segment called “Apocalypse Dow: Countdown to Shutdown: Wanted: Debt or Alive.”

That segment was basically Colbert breaking down all the ways Republicans are doing what they’re doing in order to stop the broadly popular Build Back Better-branded bills Democrats and Biden are trying to pass using the budget reconciliation process. As well, of course, as the problems within the Democratic caucus, and various procedural articles. Amid all of this, Colbert did a parody of “Pure Imagination” from “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory,” that explained the budget reconciliation process.

It’s fun, for a definition of “fun” that includes being terrified. And you can watch the whole monologue above.

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