Coleen Nolan thought dad didn’t love her because he picked sister to sexually abuse over her

COLEEN Nolan has revealed she wondered if her father didn’t love her because he sexually abused her sister and not her.

The 53-year-old was searingly honest about the abuse her family suffered at the hands of her late father during a heart-breaking appearance on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, which aired this evening.

Her father Tommy, who died in 1998, abused her sister Anne when she was a young girl.

Anne later revealed the shocking abuse when the girls were older, leaving Coleen with very mixed emotions.

She told Piers: “I cried because there was an element of did he not love me because he hadn’t… I thought he must have loved Anne more and I felt revolted by myself.”

Those watching at home were amazed at her honesty and took to Twitter to praise her.

One person wrote: “How very honest @NolanColeen Hard to admit those feelings. #LifeStories.”

While another added:  “@NolanColeen What a hard watch, I really admire how open & honest Colleen is being Growing heart #LifeStories.”

Anne opened up about her ordeal in the past, saying: “I trusted him. Maybe this was something dads did with their daughters. My overwhelming reaction was one of puzzlement. I remember thinking to myself: 'Why is Dad doing this?'

“Then, a couple of days later, it happened again and then the day after that. I wasn't yet feeling something as strong as revulsion because I was ignorant about what was happening, but somewhere deep in my subconscious was the realisation that something was wrong.

“Why otherwise did I instinctively know to keep it a secret? Dad never asked me to but I told no one. For almost a year, I was frequently abused. It never happened in the school holidays because my brothers and sisters were around, but when it was just Dad, Bernie and me, it occurred almost every weekday until I returned to school.”

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