Coronation Street viewers react as Geoff gaslights Alya over Speed Daal

Coronation Street viewers once again had a strong reaction to super villain Geoff’s gaslighting behaviour on tonight’s episode of the ITV soap.

In the episode, Geoff (Ian Bartholomew) insisted on working a shift and told Alya (Sair Khan) he wanted to reduce the quality of ingredients at the eatery, as well as serve alcohol, to increase their profits.

Or, you know, to ruin it.

Alya strongly disagreed.

‘I’ve cancalled our supplier and taken on a new one,’ Geoff told Alya at the episode’s end. ‘Oh, and I’ve also applied for an alcohol license.’

‘Geoff, you’ve got no right,’ replied Alya. ‘I own 50% remember.’

‘As does your gran [Yasmeen Nazir, played by Shelley King] and me between us,’ Geoff then said. ‘I can vote on her behalf [according to] the document she signed months back giving me power of attorney. So it’s just as well she’s now ended up in hospital, hey?’

He later tells her: ‘Don’t you ever get sick of scowling? Just once, I’d love to see a smile on that lovely face of yours.’

‘Well that’ll happen when you drop dead,’ replied Alya. ‘You’re not going to win you know.’

‘That’s what your gran thought, at first…’ Geoff finally added.  ‘Until I showed her who’s boss.’

Viewers did not mince their words upon the episode’s conclusion.

One said: ‘Those Geoff/Alya scenes were hard to watch. His treatment of her was identical to how it started with Yasmeen – manipulation, isolation and undermining everything she does. Hopefully he will get his comeuppance soon.’

‘Alya is to [scared]to blow and really attack Geoff and stand up to him. Talk and gloating is good but Alya really needs to stamp her authority over Geoff and prove that he can be beaten. She can’t let Geoff rise above her and that makes Alya an easy target then. #Corrie [sic],’ another weighed in.

One sensible viewer said: ‘Why can’t Alya record Geoff making threats to her on her phone and then shop Geoff to the police in secret and bring him down that way.

‘That will come as a surprise to him then put him back in his cage where he belongs.’

Here’s hoping Alya keeps hold of the family business – and we see justice for Yasmeen!

Coronation Street returns to ITV1 on Wednesday at 7.30pm.

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