Dapper Laughs splashes out £150k on brand new sports car as he celebrates being sober

COMEDIAN Dapper Laughs has shown off his incredible £150,000 sports car that he bought to celebrate being three months sober.

The content creator – real name Daniel O'Reilly – took to Instagram to show off the flash motor, which he admitted he spent "all his money" on.

Daniel, 37, who rose to fame with his comedic videos on Facebook – treated himself to a gleaming McLaren 570S supercar to celebrate his sobriety.

The star stopped drinking for good three months ago, and celebrated by splashing his cash on the £150,000 motor with scissor doors.

Daniel posed alongside his new car as he beamed from ear-to-ear, clutching the keys as he bent down in front of the number plate.

"Three months sober today! So I treated myself," he told his social media following as he encouraged them to "stay positive".

"The best lesson in life is failure, life likes to ruin things for ya just to check you deserve what's next," he concluded. "It'll come. Head down, a** up."

The star then took to his stories to give further details about the orange supercar as he danced to music blasting from the sound system.

"S***ing myself as I've got to go inside and tell the Mrs I've just spent all our money on a car – ah!" Daniel joked to his followers.

"I'm buzzing, as you can tell. I'm glowing today. Head down, a*** up. Anyone that's on their a***, if you feel like you're grinding and not getting anywhere – mate, I f***ed so much stuff up.

"I've ruined so many businesses I've tried to create by getting smashed or drugs or just not working hard enough. I lost all my money a number of times.

"If anyone's out there on their a*** at the moment or their grinding and don't feel like they're getting anywhere, it's just the universe's way of checking you deserve what's next."

"The only way is up," he concluded as he revealed the £150,000 purchase would be part of a "new business" venture he was embarking on.

Dapper Laughs became known on Facebook, YouTube and Vine – and is best known for his ITV2 series Dapper Laughs: On the Pull.

He made a comeback on Celebrity Big Brother 2018, where he popped the question to his now-wife Shelley Rae live on air upon his eviction.

Shelley gave birth to a baby girl named Neve in December 2016, and the couple welcomed a second daughter in 2018.

Daniel decided to go sober three month ago after admitting he got caught up in "lad culture", seeing him lose all his money as he boozed.

He told The Mirror: "I used to always say Dapper Laughs was a character, but really it was an exaggerated version of me when I was younger or maybe lad culture in general.

"As I've got older, I look back on a lot of the stuff and I cringe and I think that's now because I've got daughters.

"And it's natural, as a comedian you take from life, and my life has changed. I'm still a bit of a k**b, but I'm just more of a family k**b,” he concluded.

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