Des fans left 'picking their jaws up off the floor' as David Tennant's Dennis Nilsen casually recalls murdering 16 men

DES viewers were left 'picking their jaws up off the floor' last night as David Tennant's Dennis Nilsen casually recalled murdering 16 men.

The new ITV drama focuses on the notorious serial killer, who murdered more than a dozen men at his London home from 1978 until 1983.

In one scene, David was seen casually telling police as Dennis that he had killed "15 or 16, I think", before disposing of their bodies either by bonfire or by flushing bits of flesh down the toilet at his London flat.

Viewers were shocked to see Dennis confess to the multiple murders so quickly, with one writing on Twitter: "#Des 15 or 16 I think!!! Picking jaw up off the floor! I'm on the edge of my seat already!"

A second tweeted: "'"One body or two?", "Fifteen or sixteen". Answered as if he'd been asked how many sugars he wanted in his tea."

While a third added: "We talking 1 body or 2? Maybe 15 or 16….so matter of fact. Just give #DavidTennant every damn award now #Des."

After confessing to the murders in the back of the police car outside his flat, Dennis was then seen being questioned about the bodies at the police station.

He asked calmly: "Have you searched the rest of the flat yet? 

"You'll find more in the chest in my bedroom and in the turn-up drawer in my bathroom, of all the remains of three people."

He then told Detective Inspector Jay the other bodies are at his old flat, adding: "There you'll find the remains of 12 or 13 people dating back to 1978."

The twisted serial killer then admitted it was "a relief to get this off my chest" before the cops asked why he had killed so many men.

He replied – to their disbelief – "I don't really know, I was rather hoping you could tell me that."

Des continues tonight at 9pm on ITV.

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