Do the Below Deck crew work on yachts in real life? Secrets of the show unveiled

Below Deck season 9 preview

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Below Deck is set to air its ninth season next month with Captain Lee and his team cruising the seas of the Caribbean island, St Kitts, on the superyacht, My Seanna. Viewers of the Bravo series have watched the professionals at work for years, with the crew keeping the vessel in ship shape. However, although they can keep up appearances on camera for the show which also airs on Channel 4 in the uk, do the cast work on yachts away from the show?

Do the Below Deck crew work on yachts in real life?

In some vein, all the cast members have a relationship or past with boats of varying sizes but have found themselves starring in the hit reality television show.

One person who doesn’t work on luxury yachts away from the camera is Eddie Lucas, who left the show at the end of season three but returned in season eight.

Sailing on the My Seanna was the first time he had stepped foot on a vessel of such grandeur as his expertise lay with tug boats.

Discussing his life away from the camera: “I don’t have too much experience working on luxury yachts while not being filmed.

“But the ones I have worked on which weren’t part of the show were not too different,” he explained, meaning the crew members don’t have to work on yachts when not filming for the show.

Eddie continued to discuss how different working on a yacht is to the type of boats he works with away from the camera.

The cast member explained: “There’s always going to be drama when you’re living so close to everybody.

“That’s just a way of life. The difference is that on Below Deck, there’s no privacy whatsoever. The only privacy you ever have is when you’re using the bathroom.

“That can be taxing to the psyche, so can wear you down a lot faster than being on a normal yacht,” he added in an interview with Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Don’t have too much experience

Eddie Lucas

There is only one real similarity between a luxury yacht such as the My Seanna and the tug boats Eddie is used to working with.

The cast member explained how his tugboat colleagues have reacted to his appearance on the show.

“It’s pretty hilarious to see a bunch of tugboat workers to all be sitting down in the galley watching Bravo together.

“They love it because they can make fun of me about it. They send me jabs all the time. They’re really supportive of me and it’s all fun to them…but they also think I’m so lame.”

One cast member who does have experience working on yachts and other vessels is Captain Lee, who has a two-decade career in the industry.

The 71-year-old was captain of several super yachts before he took on the role on Below Deck and he is one of the original crew members.

Captain Lee has starred in the show since season one but he wasn’t actually supposed to be manning the ventures across the seas.

For reasons he is not too sure of, Captain Lee “accidentally” secured the role, even though he didn’t audition.

However, the Captain of the My Seanna has explained he would not change his role for the world as is still enjoying being on the show nine seasons later.

“I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything because it’s really been truly remarkable,” he told Cosmopolitan.

For the first time in the show’s history, Captain Lee won’t make an appearance until later into the ninth season when the episodes beginning airing next month.

Instead, he will be replaced by Captain Sean Meagher, who will be hoping to keep the team in order.

Below Deck is available to watch on Bravo in the US. Below Deck seasons 1-8 are available to stream on Hayu. Below Deck season 9 begins October 25, 2021, on Bravo.

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