'DWTS': Funniest Celeb and Fan Reactions to Season 29 Premiere

Dancing With the Stars returned to the ballroom to kick off a new season on Monday, and fans had a lot of feelings about the star-studded episode. Viewers got to see Tyra Banks taking over as host and Derek Hough joined the judges’ panel, and a whole new cast of couples danced their hearts out in front of an empty theater.

There was a decidedly different vibe to the season 29 premiere, with Banks doing her best to keep up with a live show, technical hiccups and an unexpected “laugh track” with fake cheering that felt extra weird juxtaposed against an empty theater.

However, some quality dances and a beautiful opening number won over a lot of viewers who had doubts about this new season. Stylish numbers from Skai Jackson and Alan Bersten, as well as Justina Machado and Sasha Farber elevated the entire evening.

Even when the performances weren’t as technically savvy, they proved to be wildly entertaining.

From Nelly dancing a salsa to his own hit song “Ride With Me,” to Carole Baskin delivering a pasodoble set to Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger,” the most uniquely captivating performances might have also been the lowest scoring.

Here’s a look at how celebs and fans on Twitter felt about all the fun dances, surprising changes and strange quirks from the premiere of the new DWTS season.

On the Night’s Best Performances:

Soon as Skai Jackson did that split, it was over 😭🔥🔥🔥🔥 #DWTSpic.twitter.com/QGf70hFR6X

Great first dance @kaitlynbristowe you effin crushed it!!!! #dwts

You both did amazing! The first dance is one of the most challenging. Proud of you @aj_mclean! #TeamPrettyMessedUp#DWTShttps://t.co/kDCjEQBHsy


Nelly going on Dancing With The Stars and doing a dance to his own song is honestly iconic.
That energy >>> pic.twitter.com/mKe1FRvSxE

watching this on a loop until they top it next week https://t.co/ge4oVRkRK8

On Carole Baskin’s Unique Performance (And her Pre-Dance Package Where She Plays With a VR Headset):

Carol Baskin cheering on every contestant makes her the Taylor-Swift-at-the-Grammys of #DWTS

Me trying to get through 2020…#CaroleBaskin#DWTSpic.twitter.com/yvQiqYnzwx

Carole Baskin is quite literally 2020 as a person. #DWTSpic.twitter.com/pDIux556ty

Who had Carole Baskin dancing to Eye of the Tiger on Dancing with the Stars on their 2020 Bingo card? #dwtspic.twitter.com/aUHkWPOuA6

On Derek Hough as the Show’s Newest Judge: 

I love you @derekhough! Best critique of the night 🤣 #[email protected][email protected]/sVDsedvCm7

OMG, @derekhough kind of saying the THING to @carole_baskin just made 2020 great again. I need more #TeamAreYouKittenMe in my life @DancingABC#DWTSpic.twitter.com/WFgTl0tPYu

Derek Hough arriving to save this season #DWTSpic.twitter.com/fYNV2sFDHm

So Derek Hough is clearly the best judge that’s ever been on this show…not surprising, tbh. #DWTS

#DWTS winners tonight:
-Casting team: so many surprisingly good dancers!
-Costume designers: outfits were 👌🏻
-Derek Hough as a judge: so pleasant while giving constructive criticism
-Pasha’s pants👇🏻: amazing 😂 pic.twitter.com/iQ2ormJ1Bf

On Banks as the Show’s New Host:

#ABC Executives watching this awkward first episode with Carole Baskin and Tyra Banks hosting…..#DWTSpic.twitter.com/lRTUzi7NLu

I was willing to give Tyra Banks a chance but after 15 minutes #DWTSpic.twitter.com/921lPER4tG

What in the world is wrong with these “judges” on #DWTS ?! #JeannieMai just gave an EXCELLENT performance and she got an 18?! WTH?! Lol! I love how #TyraBanks called them out for being shady. Lol her sass is what was needed to help spice up the show 😉

In my opinion Tyra banks is a terrible fit to be a cheery uplifting and optimistic host for #DWTS her facial expressions told us what she was actually thinking while reading her lines poorly and it wasn’t pretty. Definitely didn’t feel the chemistry #BringBackTom

I thought Tyra Banks did a great job.The ones who disagree with me give her time and i bet she grows on you #DWTS

On Banks’ Loosing An Earring During the Show:

Does anyone else not care that @tyrabanks lost an earring? You are not the star here, YOURE THE HOST @DancingABC

No one would have known you lost an earring until you brought attention to it. Fashion ain’t that serious on this show. (Except for the costumes) But it’s not about the host. I like Tyra in general, but its an awkward fit, maybe it will improve? #dwts

#DWTS we all know tyra purposely lost that earring to seem down to earth


On the Show’s “Clap Track”:

Dancing with the Stars needs to stop that horrific clapping track right now. YOU CANT HEAR ANYTHING ELSE #DWTS

Although I do miss Tom and Erin, @tyrabanks is doing so great hosting a live show with a bad laugh track. #DWTSPremiere#DWTS

I can’t hear anything over the dancing with the stars crowd yet NO ONE IS THERE #dwts

Dancing With the Stars airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

Check out the video below for more on the newest season and the show’s most dramatic changes.

Tyra Banks Teases ‘Next Level’ Changes Coming to ‘Dancing With the Stars’

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