EastEnders fans shocked as Suki catches Phil Mitchell smashing up her office after she threatens Ben with blackmail

EASTENDERS fans were left shocked after Suki Panesar caught Phil Mitchell smashing up her office after she threatened his son Ben.

On Tuesday night the Minute Mart owner blackmailed the bad boy with some CCTV footage that could get him put in prison for Ian Beale's attack.

To keep quiet she asked for £10,000 in return and Suki certainly didn't waste any time trying to get her money tonight as she paid Ben a visit at work.

Ben's heart dropped when he watched the footage of him leaving the Queen Vic the night of Ian's assault.

He asked: "How do I know you're going to get rid of the original?"

Suki replied: "You don't."

Scared that he could be put behind bars for the attack, the mechanic slammed the phone down on his desk and chucked over the money.

Ben said to Suki: "I believe the words you're looking for are thank and you.

Despite getting all the cash she wanted Suki demanded for more and a shocked Ben laughed in her face and said: "No we had a deal".

She warned Ben: "I want 100k or I'm handing my CCTV into your boyfriend's boss."

A worried Ben decided to get help from the only person he knows has his back – dad Phil.

They ask for help from Cathy and see if she's willing to tell the police that she was with Ben on the night of the attack.

But Phil decided that his false alibi wasn't enough and taught Suki a lesson for trying to mess his son around by smashing up her family business' office with a bat.

Suki had to go back to the office and caught Phil redhanded.

Phil demanded to have the CCTV footage and even warned her that he'd use the bat on her if she didn't do what he said.

Fans of the BBC soap couldn't believe their explosive showdown and were on the edge of their seats wondering if Phil would actually hurt her.

One wrote: "Think Phil’s met his match in Suki."

A second said: "Love the Suki Phil storyline"

A third chimed in: "I love that Suki is scared of NO ONE."

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