EastEnders spoilers: Mila and Iqra move in together to win custody of Kioni

MILA and Iqra move in together to win custody of Kioni next week in EastEnders. 

The couple will split this week after Iqra reveals that she – and not Kathy – reported Mila’s mother to the police.

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But next week, Rocky will hatch a plan to get the pair back together and gather them in the Square after stealing their phones. 

What is he planning?

Later, at Kathy’s, Mila confirms she’s taken steps to become Kioni’s guardian and Kathy explains Iqra chose to stay to help Mila rather than seeing Habiba and her baby. 

Mila later apologises to Iqra and they agree to move in together. 

Iqra made the huge decision after Mila revealed her mother had put her through the horrific ordeal of female genital mutilation as a child.

Mila had been left fearing for her younger sister Kioni after she learned she and her mother were heading off on a trip in the coming weeks. 

Mila intervened and urged her mother not to hurt Kioni, but Nyangi insisted she’d be ostracised from their community if she didn’t undergo the procedure. 

Iqra then decided enough was enough and rang the police, watching from the shadows as Mila’s mother was escorted away. 

When Iqra confronted her, however, Kathy took the blame to save their relationship.

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