Emmerdale fans distracted from Mandy and Nicolas fight by lack of party guests

Emmerdale fans were left distracted on Friday evening, as they spotted a glaring birthday blunder during the iconic catfight that erupted between Nicola King and Mandy Dingle.

Nicola, Jimmy, Rodney and the kids had gathered for Angelica's birthday party at the Hide when Mandy strutted in for a coffee – having previously shared a heated kiss with Jimmy.

"I can't believe it. Of all the coffee joints in all the world she has to walk into this one!" Nicola complained to dad Rodney, citing Mandy for the reason for her marriage breakdown.

Nicola went a step too far as she insulted Mandy's son Vinny, blaming her and villain Paul's parenting for him being so "messed up".

And the pair soon erupted into a hilarious catfight, with Mandy bopping Nicola on the head with a sparring bar.

The two wrestled each other to the ground, spraying each other with water guns, until Mandy smashed Nicola's face into Angel's birthday cake.

But fans were left distracted from the iconic scenes by one birthday blunder, as they realised Angel's party was rather sparsely attended.

Though her siblings were in attendance, it didn't look like any of Angel's friends had showed up to her birthday celebrations.

"Angel no mates!" one fan quickly tweeted as they spotted the rather empty party venue.

Someone else chimed in: "Some birthday party that – no-one is there!" as a third fan wrote: "A kids party with no kids!"

The party ended in devastation, with the birthday cake destroyed, the bouncy castle deflated, and both Mandy and Nicola arrested.

It came as Nicola and Jimmy decided they wanted to keep up appearances for the sake of the kids, so Angelica could enjoy one last birthday as a family.

But the fight quickly put a stop to those hopes – as did the appearance of Juliette, who announced she would be leaving for New York as she'd been offered a new job.

It left doubts on where Jimmy's son Carl would end up, and whether he'd be ripped away from his family for a new life in the US.

Either way, it looks like the Kings are in for plenty more stress and upheaval before they see a happy ending.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV, with an extra helping on Thursdays at 7:30pm.

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