Emmerdale: Moira's secret past with Mackenzie explained – Natalia J Robb has spoken out

EMMERDALE has revealed the dark truth about Moira Barton’s secret past with her long-lost brother Mackenzie Boyd. 

Here’s the lowdown…

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What is Moira’s secret past with Mackenzie?

The atmosphere between Moira and her long-lost brother was quick to turn sour after he rocked up on her doorstep, with Mackenzie blaming her for splitting up the family. 

But last night’s episode (November 2) saw Moira take the opportunity to explain what happened all those years ago. 

During a furious showdown at Butlers farm, Mackenzie reminded Moira that she slept with their dad’s best friend when she was just 18 years old and then ran away. 

But Moira was quick to correct her brother and inform him that it was their mum who’d been having the affair – and that Moira lied to protect her from their violent father. 

She told him: "I took the blame to protect her. I wanted to come back home but I was too scared, I never gave up being scared. I gave up everything. I was just a kid."

But Mackenzie refused to accept what Moira was saying and accused her of lying.

What has Lawrence Robb said about the sibling's past? 

Talking about why Mackenzie doesn’t believe his sister’s version of events, Lawrence Robb, who plays Mackenzie, recently told Digital Spy: "He's spent his entire life, or from the point when Moira has gone, having it drilled into him that this thing happened and that's why she left.

"He's got a preconceived idea of who she's become. Growing up from a relatively early age, he's got this idea of 'this is who my sister is'.

"Then Moira tells him it's slightly different. I think if anyone has believed something for so long and someone says it's not true, initially you're going to be like: 'Nah, you're lying!'"

He added: "I think at one point Moira eventually breaks through to him, but up until then, who knows?"

Is Mackenzie actually Moira’s son?

Given the seemingly huge age gap between Moira and Mackenzie, viewers are convinced that he’ll turn out to be her son.

One fan tweeted: "There's a big plot hole in this Moira/Mackenzie story. Unless Mackenzie is in his 30s which I highly doubt, the age range between him and Moira doesn't match. There's at least an 18-20 year difference between them. #Emmerdale"

Another viewer added: "#Emmerdale And the 18 year old Moira had a son and his name was MacKenzie, I’m calling it now!"

A third viewer tweeted: "I’m not buying that Mackenzie is Moira’s brother. I think he’s her son #Emmerdale."

But with Emmerdale keeping shtum, viewers will have to tune in to find out whether there's more to Moira's story than she's currently letting on.

What has Natalie J Robb said about Moira's past?

Talking about why Moira had to run away from home, actress Natalie J Robb revealed the reason was 'really sad'.

She told the Mirror: "I can just say it's very sad but there is a big reason why she had to run away, that’s all I can say."

Natalie added: "It’s something she had to run away from and never look back in order to continue with her future, if she was to have any future."

"It's really sad actually but the audience will know when that happens, but it is quite dark.

"It’s good because it may explain a lot of why she is the way she is, perhaps why she is so fiercely protective of her children."

She continued: "It's nice to have that link in the past, it's the past catching up with her."

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