Emmerdale spoilers: April Windsor breaks down over dad Marlon's cruel decision

APRIL Windsor breaks down over her dad Marlon’s cruel decision next week in Emmerdale. 

April has enough of her family fighting in the wake of her recent bullying ordeal at the hands of Cathy Hope.

Next week, Marlon orders Bob to stay away from April, but he regrets losing his temper when he realises that April has witnessed the exchange. 

April breaks down into tears as Marlon does his best to comfort her over the situation. 

When she turns on him, Marlon tries to blame Bob but April is having none of it. 

Will Marlon and Bob call a truce for April’s sake?

Viewers were shocked earlier this month when Rhona was arrested after confronting Cathy about bullying April. 

Cathy tried to run away from Rhona, who angrily chased her down Main Street in dramatic scenes. 

Rhona caught up with Cathy just as Brenda arrived on the scene.

Brenda was aghast when Rhona grabbed Cathy’s arm and tried to step in to protect Cathy.

But in a shock move, Rhona elbowed Brenda in the face – and knocked her to the ground.

Brenda was furious about Rhona’s use of force and reported her to the police.

Viewers later saw Rhona return home and confirm she has been charged and is due to appear in court next month.

Will Brenda drop the charges in order to repair the family rift?

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