Emmerdale viewers heartbroken as Meena brutally murders Leanna in sick scenes

Fan theories have been proven correct, after Emmerdale's evil nurse Meena Jutla killed Leanna Cavanagh.

Leanna is murdered after unconvering the truth about Meena's past.

Until now, dangerous Meena had viewed Leanna as an ally to remove Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant) from David Metcalfe’s (Matthew Wolfenden) life.

Her plan goes wrong when Leanna accidentally discovers a secret about Meena's involvement in the death of her former best friend.

Leanna actress Mimi Slinger told Metro: "Leanna seems to be completely oblivious to Meena’s dark side. She is usually quite cautious with people but no alarm bells have gone off concerning Meena."

Leanna’s dream was to go travelling, and Meena hoped Jacob would go with her.

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She was preparing to leave, when she was gifted a backpack which had some of Meena's belongings.

Meena gave Leanna a scare, when she turns up unannounced and demands the backpack.

"She’s certainly unsure as to how Meena has gotten into her house or why she’s there" said Mimi.

"She is intrigued at what possessions could be so valuable that Meena needs to turn up out of nowhere."

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Meena loses her temper when a Pride tin falls out of the bag, and Leanna realises it wasn't Jacob that took it.

Leanna started going through a tin of Meena's newspaper cuttings about her friends death involving foul play and Meena eventually confesses she didn't mean for her to die.

Leanna tries to run away, but trips and falls in the high heels she put on for her birthday party.

Meena goads her in the graveyard as she tries to escape, catching up with her.

Poor Leanna pleads with the nurse, saying she'll forget everything she learned about the murder.

It's not enough for Meena though, who throws Leanna off a bridge. "Oops", she says, and tries to fake cry.

In the second part of the episode, Meena walks down to the water and torments injured Leanna who is still alive.

"Shall I call an ambulance? I don't know if they'd get here in time."

The evil nurse also tells Leanna it's her fault for tripping and falling in "killer heels."

She then sits and waits until Leanna takes her final breath, before stealing a ring from her.

Emmerdale's executive producer Kate Brooks previously said: "Meena has been a whirlwind since arriving in the village, scheming and manipulating people and situations to get what she wants and causing nothing but drama and unnecessary heartache in the process."

“Her seemingly caring facade belies her true persona; a woman with a murky past and no conscience.

“Meena’s lack of empathy is often perceived by those around her as little more than spoilt petulance, however, we soon learn the true extent of her narcissistic and amoral character.

“Malevolent Meena will wreak havoc in the village and once she has you in her sights, no one is safe from her devious and dangerous machinations.

“This storyline will see the viewers gripped as they realise that this is a woman who is capable of anything and everything.”

Fans fear this is the makings of a serial killer in the village.

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