Furious Lauryn Goodman accuses ex Kyle Walker of ‘bullying’ his one year old son after row over football boots

FURIOUS Lauryn Goodman has accused her footballer ex Kyle Walker of "bullying" their son after he failed to include him in a tribute to his kids.

The Manchester City star came under fire for sharing a photo of his new football boots that featured the names of his three children with partner Annie Kilner – leaving out his 13-month-old son Kairo.

Many fans slammed Kyle, 30, prompting the star to turn off comments on his Instagram post.

But Lauryn hit back last night sharing an edited photo of Kyle's boots that included Kairo's name and date of birth beneath the names of his other kids Riaan, Reign, and Roman.

And lashing out on her Instagram Story, Lauryn called for a public apology from Kyle and sports brand Puma, while demanding the brand remove the boots from circulation and social meda.

She said: "Puma you are condoning Kyle Walker bullying his 13 month baby son by not pulling those football boots omitting Kairo Walker it is mentally damaging in a time when mental health matters."


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She added: "Puma know this is wrong. HOWEVER, Kyles post still remains.

"To his 1.8million followers condoning this bullying of a 13-month-old little innocent baby boy who will see this in the future and could have a severe impact on his mental health which those involved will all be responsible for.

"I expect at the very least for Kyle’s post to be removed, the boots to be pulled, a public apology to Kairo Walker, a public statement put out. Going forward if Kyle wants to have his children on his boots he either has them ALL or NONE you do not bully and have such callous actions.

"Children are meant to look up to a brand. You have been inundated with complaints I have had so many shown to me on DM.  I can see them all yet you still sit in silence thinking this will all go away? I will fight for my baby boy. I will not have his father who is in the public eye get away with such behaviour.

"I have more than enough evidence and you cannot tell me you were not aware of Kairo. He is all over Google and even on Kyle’s wiki page. We have all had a voice. Now we expect to see action. We will not stop. #kairowalker #standupforkairowalker"

The exclusion caused a heavy backlash Twitter and Instangram, leading Kyle to delete negative comments on his socials according to MailOnline.

Lauryn has also received support from fans, as one commented: "@pumafootball it is damaging for a child to see this it’s damaging knowing you didn’t know he had another child, it says a lot about you as a brand! As a Man City supporter this isn’t right he has 4 children 4 sons not 3. Remove before you loose £££! #kairowalker"

Another fan said: "standupforkairowalker he matters too!!! Puma you should be ashamed of yourself. EVERY CHILD MATTERS"

One more raged: "As a football fan I’m disgusted to see this kind of thing happening. I’m disgusted by the ways he’s treated his own child. I’m devastated at how @pumafootball have allowed this to happen. I can no longer support a player who does this. @LaurynGoodman #kairowalker"

Lauryn's reality TV star sister Chloe has also leapt to her one-year-old nephew's defence on Instagram.

Chloe wrote: "@PumaFootball I think you made a mistake with @KyleWalker 2's boots, he has four sons…

"Absolutely disgraceful for Kairo to see this when he is older… Literally bullying a one year old, no need to publicly do this to an innocent child."

Paying loving tribute to the snubbed baby, the devoted auntie went on: "Baby boy, you are a huge, beautiful blessing to everyone who loves you.

"I'll never allow you to feel like you don't belong. Babies are a blessing, I'll never accept bullying innocent children."

The reality star gave birth to her son last April.

She was also forced to defend giving Kairo his dad's surname after the pair only had a short fling in 2019.

“Single mums have questioned why Kairo’s surname is Walker because they say they don’t want to give the father the satisfaction of them having their surname," Lauryn said.

"It was a mutual decision to name him Walker and I honoured that.

“I appreciate there was speculation, but I don’t feel I constantly have to justify myself for any decisions that are made with our son.”

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