GB News Simon McCoy apologises after on air domestic with Kirsty Gallacher

Simon McCoy has apologised to a guest on the Great British Breakfast show after a spat with co-host Kirsty Gallacher.

Comedian Steve N Allen appeared on GB News to discuss the day’s headlines but things quickly went left after Simon made a cheeky comment in response to being called “slow” by his fellow colleague.

It all kicked off as the trio delved deep in conversation on the topic of slow walkers and how Olympic athletes were being aided by the biomechanics of running shoes.

The 44-year-old funny man said: “The controversy is about the shoes that they’ve used for the hurdling which is why they’ve done so well taking such an amount of time off the record.

“People are upset that it’s cheating but come on what are your other options?”

He continued: “If you’re not going to use the technology that clothes bring to you, you might as well go back to the old days of doing it naked.”

“I’m in favour of us all getting them, slow walkers are a big problem.

“If normal people got faster shoes people would get to work quicker.”

It was at this point when the TV presenter and model took a swipe at her co-host and said: “You’re quite slow, we walk together in the morning to get here.

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“Let’s just clarify we park in the same car park and I’m always off ahead of you.”

She added: “Have you noticed that?”

The former BBC broadcaster appeared to be taken by surprise and responded: “Anything else? Sorry, Steve we’re just having a domestic in the middle of this.”

Adding fuel to the fire, Steve said: “I’m on the fast walkers' side though because there's nothing worse than being held behind people and slow walkers for some reason seem to have lateral drift.”

Focusing his attention to Simon, he joked: “We need to get that sorted hopefully you’re not a lateral drifter, are you?”

As the show went on the banter between the tree continued as the comic quipped: “We won’t go on about who was late this morning honestly we’re getting touchy.”

GB News airs weekdays at 6am.

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