Gemma Collins says 'I'm an elephant and so are my ancestors as I never forget' in new podcast

GEMMA Collins said in her latest BBC podcast "I'm an elephant and so are my ancestors – as I never forget".

Gemma, 39, revealed to fans that her hidden talent is her photographic memory, and it allows her to remember unusual dates and tiny details.

Speaking on her latest podcast, she declared: "I'm definitely an elephant, because I think my ancestors are elephants, there is just nothing I don't remember.

"I have a memory like an elephant. I can remember what people are wearing, what they ate, I have a photographic mind.

"If I need to remember something I take a photo click in my head. I can always remember, sometimes people say 'do you remember?' and I'll remember the outfit I wore that day and it will lead me to remembering other things."

Gemma said avoiding distraction is key to building up memory, saying she refuses to gorge on TV and instead strengthens her mind by reading books.

She added: "I don't put TV on in my bedroom. I tend to read in the evenings. I retain information .

"That's why I've always found it really easy to learn scripts, but what you do have to do is concentrate."

As well as her podcast, the Queen of Memes has been working hard to lose weight this year by sticking to a strict diet and workout regime.

She's also been using the controversial Skinnyjabs to help with her weight loss. 

Last week she stuck her fingers up at clothing brands who wouldn't dress her size 16 body in the early days of Towie.

In a video to her fans, Gemma said: "I was never the prettiest girl on the show. I never had the best body.

"Obviously I was confident when I went on the show, but a lot of clothing brands wouldn't lend me their clothing because they said I was too fat.

"I was a size 14/16, and you know I'm bigger now, and basically I've got my own clothing brand.

"So to everyone who wouldn't lend me clothing or put me in their brands, what you got to say now, huns?"

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