'Gilmore Girls': Scott Patterson's Favorite Scene Happens to Be a Fan Favorite, Too

Scott Patterson’s role on Gilmore Girls came via happenstance. The small role turned into a major part as season 1 progressed, and by the time the screen went black on the finale in 2007, his character, Luke Danes, had won the hearts of viewers. Patterson ended up appearing in all 154 episodes of the show. Still, he can pinpoint his absolute favorite moment. Unsurprisingly it was a favorite moment for fans, too. 

Luke Danes was only written into Gilmore Girls to please network executives 

Patterson was almost done with Hollywood when he walked into an audition for Gilmore Girls. Irritated and angry, he was sure he hadn’t gotten the part. He carried on with his day, attending another audition, and didn’t think he’d land the role of Luke. When he got home, he found out he had gotten the part. Initially, the role of the grumpy diner owner was never supposed to go to a man, though. 

According to Refinery 29, Amy Sherman-Palladino originally wrote Luke’s part as a woman named Daisy. After reading the script, network executives asked Sherman-Palladino to add a male character. They were concerned that the script was too female-centric. Sherman-Palladino crossed out Daisy’s name and made the diner owner a man named Luke. The rest, including Luke and Lorelai’s romance storyline, was born from the chemistry between Patterson and Lauren Graham, the actor who portrayed Lorelai Gilmore. 

Scott Patterson said his favorite on-screen moment was Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss 

Patterson may have appeared in every Gilmore Girls episode to date, but he can still pick out his favorite moments. The famed actor sat down with Entertainment Weekly to discuss the series back in 2017. During the interview, Patterson was quick to share his favorite moment from the show. He told the publication that Luke and Lorelai’s first kiss ranks as one of his top scenes. Not only was it the realization of the couple’s love, but it also included an interruption by Kirk Gleason. 

In the season 4 finale, Luke and Lorelai kiss on the steps of the Dragonfly Inn after a misunderstanding about her relationship status. As the couple locks lips, Kirk suffers a night terror and runs from the inn completely naked. Luke had to chase him down and bring him back to the inn. The interruption was no big deal in the end. Luke and Lorelai got together shortly thereafter. While their relationship had some starts and stops, the pair ended up married at the end of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

Would Scott Patterson return for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 2

Patterson reprised his role in Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life, but the famed actor isn’t necessarily sold on returning for a second revival. While several of his castmates, including Graham, have expressed their interest in another season on Netflix, Patterson has said that he would need to read the script before committing. Patterson wants to make sure the story does the original series justice, first. 

While Patterson isn’t completely sold on becoming Luke once again, he doesn’t necessarily have to be. While both Netflix and Sherman-Palladino have expressed interest in partnering on another season, no official announcement has been made. The first revival aired on Netflix in 2016. 

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