Good Morning Britain viewer calls Piers Morgan's smile 'toothy and weird' after he criticised Matt Hancock's looks

A GOOD Morning Britain called Piers Morgan's smile "toothy and weird" after he criticised Matt Hancock's looks.

The presenter, 55, labelled the Health Secretary "weird and unattractive" when a member of the public complimented his appearance.

However, Piers' comments managed to rile up GMB viewers – with one even coming for the journalist's looks.

Reading out the posts on Tuesday morning's show, he said: "'Matt Hancock is better looking than you Piers. Your smile is particularly weird and toothy.'Thank you."

He added: "Lots of tributes pouring in for macho Matt. Well, each to their own. It's a weird thing, attraction, isn't it?"

Other people defended their attraction to the Health Secretary, with Piers continuing to read in disbelief: "Danielle Pasquale, 'at the beginning of lockdown I dreamed I married Matt Hancock and he was riding a white horse, and rescued me like a princess. Maybe I'm weird now.'

"I think you are Danielle. Maybe we've unearthed something here."

Susanna added: "I like the idea of him on white horse, as Health Secretary."

Good Morning Britain then showed a picture of Mr Hancock on a horse.

Piers continued: "I get why Hilary would be Dr Dishy, the pandemic pinup. I get that. But Hancock on a white horse rescuing you? Really?"

They also shared a viral video of Matt Hancock singing Don't Stop Me Now by Queen on karaoke – much to Piers' disapproval.

Piers said: "Completely normal"

Susanna defended him, adding: "He's enjoying himself and having a good time."

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