Great! BBC petrol crisis reporter unimpressed as Phil McCann trends fill my can!

BBC Breakfast: Phil McCann hits back at jokes about name

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BBC Breakfast was hosted by Naga Munchetty and Jon Kay on Saturday morning and a big topic of the programme was the ongoing petrol shortage in the UK. BBC reporter Phil McCann was stationed at a petrol station giving updates on how the shortage has been impacting people. However, Phil didn’t look too impressed when Jon revealed some people on Twitter had found his name rather fitting for the news story.

Before Jon asked Phil for an update on the story, he let the reporter know he’d become famous on social media.

“Somebody on Twitter suggested your name isn’t the best name for a reporter there this morning because you can’t fill your can.”

Phil made it clear he’d already spotted the attention his name had been getting online.

He remarked: “I said on Twitter it’s like being back in year nine!”

However, the reporter insisted that panic buying petrol is something he’d never do himself.

Phil said: “I would never fill a can of petrol as some people have been doing.”

“Panic buying is very much discouraged, but it hasn’t made a difference,” he added.

After listening to Phil’s full report, Jon told him his name was now trending on Twitter.

“There you go you’ve made it!” Jon joked, with Phil replying: “Great”.

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