Grieving Whitney falls apart amid devastating return in EastEnders

Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is understandably struggling in the aftermath of losing her baby in EastEnders.

The character, along with Zack (James Farrar), said goodbye to baby Peach after making the decision to terminate the pregnancy, which came following a diagnosis of Edwards’ Syndrome.

The aftermath of the ordeal has seen both Whitney and Zack incredibly emotional as they attempt to come to terms with the devastating loss.

Next week, Whitney tries to find some normality in her life as she goes back to work on the market.

However, things are difficult as Mother’s Day is the big topic of discussion.

While Whitney enjoys the element of being busy and distracting her mind, she’s soon given the news that baby Peach’s ashes are ready to collect and, once again, reality hits her, and even Zack can’t get her to open up.

After Zack catches up with Whitney at home, she insists that at this moment, she isn’t quite ready to say goodbye to their baby girl.

In order to tell this heartbreaking story sensitively and accurately, EastEnders worked alongside SOFT UK and Antenatal Results and Choices.

Jan Fowler, Chair at SOFT UK, said: ‘At SOFT UK, we support families impacted by Edwards’ or Patau’s Syndrome and we were pleased to be able to work with the EastEnders team on how they could approach the story of Whitney and Zack’s baby’s diagnosis of Edwards’ Syndrome in an accurate and sensitive way.’

‘At ARC we hear daily from expectant parents dealing with the shock of being told their baby is not developing as expected, as is sadly the case for those who receive an Edwards’ Syndrome diagnosis’, Jane Fisher, Director at Antenatal Results and Choices, added.

‘This is a distressing and often isolating time for expectant parents as they try and navigate their next steps in a state of emotional turmoil and it’s rarely spoken about.’

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