Gwyneth Paltrow flogs £46 LED mirror for the 'clearest view' of women's privates

GWYNETH Paltrow is flogging a £46 mirror for women to get a better view of their private parts.

The between the legs looking glass is shatterproof and comes with a light.

It is being touted on the actress and businesswoman’s Goop site.

Potential buyers are told: “Made to help you get a better look at your pelvic area, VieVision’s Between Legs Mirror is helpful for wellness checks, grooming, and inserting tampons or contraceptive rings.

"For the clearest view, flip on the LED light surrounding the mirror. From there, you can either sit or stand.”

The mirror has a back support so it can be propped up on the floor for the most effective angle.

The blurb adds: “If you’re standing, place the mirror between your thighs (it’s comfortable, thanks to those smooth, concave sides) and squat a bit as you lean with your back against a wall.”

Gwyneth, 48, is also selling an environmentally friendly vibrator — costing £176.

Goop says the Premium Eco has 12 different speeds, ranging from “soft rumbles to ground-shaking pulses”, and delivers blasts of pleasurable air.

Buyers are told: “In addition to plastic-cutting design elements (a shorter charging cable, zero-plastic packaging), its body is made from Biolene, a mostly bio-based polymer.

"But the real earth-saver is that this vibrator’s rechargeable battery is replaceable.” 

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