Helen Skelton hints her revealing Rio Olympics outfits sank her BBC sports presenting career

HELEN Skelton believes her revealing outfits during the Rio Olympics ruined her BBC presenting career.

The 36-year-old presenter commentated on the 2016 sporting extravaganza for the BBC, but stole the headlines with her mini dresses, which she claims is the reason she has not been asked back by the broadcasting channel.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday's Event magazine, she said: "I just find it so hilarious that after all this time, everyone's still talking about it.

"Now the story's evolved into something else.

"If I don't get a gig on sport it's because of the shorts.

Helen was axed from the BBC after the Commonwealth Games last year.

But she was told the broadcasting channel were making way for "new talent".

She added: "I don't know. Wouldn't that be amazing? They just said to me they've got a responsibility to bring on new talent."

Helen has hinted she feels it is unfair her wardrobe choices have impacted on her career, and she would have chosen a different job if she had have known.

Helen – who has sons Ernie, four, and Louis, two – added: "If I wanted to work in a fair industry I should have worked at the council.

"I work in an industry where – as much as we say we don't – you get judged on your hair colour, your accent, your background, your skin colour.

"Sometimes it works out for you and sometimes it doesn't."

But the star didn't realise her outfit was a huge talking point until she spoke to her family.

She said: "I had no idea. You’re sitting by the side of a pool. You’re not looking at yourself. I had no shoes on. Of course I didn’t think my whole body was on show. I would have put shoes on, at least!

"My brother texted me: 'Why is Dad on TV?' And there he was. My dad on This Morning, defending my shorts"

Prior to joining the BBC as a sports presenter, Helen worked on Newsround, and in 2008 Helen appeared on Blue Peter.

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