Holby City spoilers: Max tormented by old enemy and Kian's drug addiction battle is exposed

NEXT weeks Holby City has plenty of gripping storylines to get your teeth stuck in to.

Fans of the BBC medical drama certainly won't be disappointed – so here's a look at what to expect…

1.Max has issues with a friend from the past

As CEO and neurosurgeon Max McGerry (Jo Martin) gets used to the highly stressful environment at work whilst dealing with Covid-19 patients, things are made a lot worse when a face from the past turns up at work.

Her frenemy Lucky Simpson (Vineeta Rishi) used to work with her at a different hospital and is a psychiatric nurse.

Max definitely isn't in for an easy ride, trying to work to her best ability with the coronvirus, figure out why her old pal is sniffing around and to make matters worse she's also struggling to keep the hospital up and running.

Things definitely prove to much for her when she goes into surgery to operate on someone's brain….

2. Kian and Jac clash

Clearly affected by Clayton and their past history, Khian Madini wants to help Jac but she doesn't really want it.

Patient Clayton and Jac met at a psychiatric unit after she had a break down.

The consultant cardiothoracic surgeon decides to bribe some junior doctors with some money to do a bit of snooping to find out Clayton's past.

However… will Jac be happy with that?

3. Donna's surprise

Donna is left pleasantly surprised when she's told that Alex has got himself a role at the hospital.

The senior staff nurse lets Fletch – who told her the news – know that she's not interested in pursuing anything romantically with him.

4. Ange and Chloe clash over Chloe's love interest

The consultant general surgeon's relationship with her daughter Chloe is put into jeopardy again when she realises that she's growing close to Cameron again.

Cameron has pushed Nicky McKendrick – who he was sleeping with during the summer – aside to pursue Chloe.

However Ange isn't happy and it looks like theres plenty of other staff at the hospital who agree too…

5. Max's ghost from the past continues to play on her mind

Although Max and her old frenemy Lucky haven't seen each other in years, the nurse recognised Max's son Louis – which made her very uneasy.

As things develop it becomes clear that Lucky has a lot more involvement in Louis' life and his transition that Max thought.

6. Kian's battle with drugs continues

Little does everyone know that Khian is at breaking point with his addiction.

He gets caught redhanded Fletch taking home some medication, but says that he's been on antidepressants for quite some time.

However patient Clayton then finds him helping himself to what he wants in the medication cupboard… could then end in a disaster for them both?

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