Holby City spoilers: Nicky McKendrick’s fate ‘sealed’ as Cameron Dunn finally unmasked

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Nicky (played by Belinda Owusu) has had a turbulent time on Holby City of late, having suffered from a heart attack following a one-night stand with Cameron (Nic Jackman) last year. The friends are not currently lovers, but the cardiothoracic surgeon in training still holds a torch for the BBC medical drama villain, completely unaware he recently tried to frame her for one of his dastardly plans. Harbouring the fact he is already guilty for the deaths of two characters, it’s only a matter of time before the schemer is caught out. However, whatever the conclusion of his long-running storyline, it seems Nicky could walk away unscathed.

Recent scenes have shown her become somewhat of a nemesis for the villain to bring down, with the surgeon in training thoroughly impressing locum doctor Drew Nicholson-Heath (aka John Barrowman) with her skills in the theatre.

Despite this, the pair will get closer again in the coming weeks, but unfortunately, it seems Nicky is just another pawn in Cameron’s deadly game.

The reason they end up sleeping with each other is because the schemer discovers his ex-girlfriend Chloe Godard (Amy Lennox) is starting to date again following the break down of their relationship.

Naïve to why he’s really interested in her, it seems Nicky will fall for his charm hook, line and sinker and for this reason, she might escape his evil clutches.

Soap star Belinda, 31, explained of the pair’s troubled alliance: “After they sleep together, the floodgates open for Nicky in that she thinks it’s finally going to happen for her and Cam – like we all do when our crush looks in our direction.”

Referring to the conclusion of the deadly storyline, the actress added: “It’s going to send shock waves through the whole hospital, let alone with just the people who are closest to him.

“The problem is, it’s going to take a lot to convince Nicky of Cameron’s guilt,” Belinda continued in an interview with Inside Soap, but could this be a hint about her character’s fate?

With the dramatic conclusion and Cameron’s downfall on the horizon, could the soap star have revealed her alter-ego will live to fight another day as she reels from the repercussions of his actions?

As Nicky will seemingly have to be “convinced” the villain is a killer, she could very well avoid becoming another name on his hit list.

Take a lot to convince Nicky of Cameron’s guilt

Belinda Owusu

However, she then might do everything in her power to clear his name, unable to comprehend her lover as being someone who would claim a life.

Cameron might have to confess he tried to frame her for his actions if he is finally caught out, being the only one to convince her he is killer.

Viewers will have to sit tight to see if Nicky makes it out alive or if her alliance with the villain will come at a delay cost as the conclusion to the schemer’s storyline has not yet been confirmed.

Those watching the most recent episode of the hospital-based drama were eager for Cameron to get his comeuppance, with one fan writing on Twitter: “Cameron needs to be found out! He’s absolutely lost it #HolbyCity.”

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Another added: “Cameron is an absolute psycho. When is he going to get caught? #HolbyCity,” with a third commenting: “Get rid of Cameron!!!!  #HolbyCity.”

“I just want this Cameron storyline over and him to get found out  #HolbyCity,” a fourth viewer opined.

Elsewhere in the world of Holby City, it seems there is some doubt over Ric Griffin’s (Hugh Quarshie) future.

The latest episode of the medical drama saw CEO Max McGerry (Jo Martin) make a concerning discovery after an incident meant her colleague had to undergo some tests.

With the stalwart feeling chirper than ever, Max had a look over his recent brains scans and found an anomaly amongst them.

Unsure as to what the red flag could mean, the CEO told her friend he would have to have an operation for further investigation to be carried out.

However, she told her colleague the procedure didn’t come without its risks, meaning he might not make it out alive.

What will the highly acclaimed surgeon decide as his future at the hospital and his life lie in the balance?

Holby City continues Tuesday at 8pm on BBC One.

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