Homes Under the Hammer's Martin Roberts baffled as he spots something very wrong with 'weird' living room

HOMES Under The Hammer host Martin Roberts was baffled when he entered a flat with a seriously unique feature.

Martin, 57, was on hand to show viewers and potential homeowners a ground floor flat in New Southgate, London. 

Having overseen viewings of hundreds of homes, the property expert would know the best way to contract a potential home. 

However, he was shocked by the prospective flat with kitchen units in several different rooms.

Arriving at the flat, Martin burst through the doors dramatically and began analysing the property.

Continuing to walk through the flat, the presenter stopped suddenly as he said: “That’s a bit weird.”

He noticed that both the living room and bedroom had kitchen units built into them.

“My guess is that was originally the kitchen and it’s been basically taken out to create a third bedroom,” Martin explained.

The location of the flat could add some justification to the “weird” set up.

Martin said: “Now, in London, that probably makes sense, a three-bedroom flat is going to be worth more than a two-bed.

“On the other hand, is that good for that living area? I’m not so sure,” he judged.

However, it was Martin's own space that was scrutinised recently when viewers were given an insight into his home.

In Property Clinic, his weekly YouTube show, Martin offers advice from his house to viewers on how they can improve their homes.

His observant fans commented on the mess in the background of his video.

To address this the presenter said: “I came into my room, which by the way, someone has complained about being too messy.

“Well, you know what? This is my messy room,” he told viewers.

Martin continued: “I’ve got other rooms which are not messy, but this one is messy. So if you don’t like it then…” blowing a raspberry to the camera.

“Is this even a messy room? It’s a working video production room, you know, that’s what it is,” the presenter explained to viewers.

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBCOne.

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