How much money does the winner of I Can See Your Voice get?

A NEW gameshow on BBC is set to test your lip-reading skills – after one year in masks, this might be tricky.

I Can See Your Voice originally aired in America and South Korea but has been lighting up television sets in the UK with Paddy McGuinness as the host.

How much money does the winner of I Can See Your Voice get?

Contestants hope to win £10,000, trying to separate the good voices from the bad.

The team of two have a series of rounds to listen to a voice before anyone has even sung.

With the help of the judges, Alison Hammond, Amanda Holden, Jimmy Carr, and a guest music star, they try to match the voice to the face of those 'singing'.

If the contestants successfully pick a good singer they leave with the jackpot.

But if a bad singer gets through all rounds, they steal the money.

How does I Can See Your Voice Work?

There are four rounds of the show.

Round one

Six mystery singers are introduced for the first time.

We find out what they look like, their name and any clues that might help the contestants.

At the end of this round, contestants eliminate one mystery singer sending them to the truth stage to find out if they are bad or not.

If they are bad, this is great news for contestants as it gets them one step closer to winning the money.

Round two

This is where your lip reading skills come into play.

Five singers now remain and they must individually mime to a song.

The good singers will lip sync to their own voice and the bad singers will lip sync to another good voice.

Contestants must now decide which voice was real and eliminate one more singer.

Round three

With only four singers left, the contestants choose two singers they want to know more about.

A profile including clues, photos and an interview, will be shown for each chosen singer.

At the end of this round, two singers will be eliminated and will have to attend the truth stage to reveal their voice.

Round four

With only two singers left, contestants choose one they would like to interrogate.

The contestants are given 15 questions and 30 seconds to find out as much information as possible about the singer.

They must now eliminate someone for the last time.

The remaining singer will perform a duet with the guest music star so contestants can find out if they do have a good voice or not.

If their voice is good, contestants will win the jackpot prize.

However, if it's bad the mystery singer will steal the money.

When is I Can See Your Voice on BBC One?

I Can See Your Voice airs on Saturday evenings on BBC One, with the chance to catch up on BBC iPlayer.

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