'Insecure': Christina Elmore Detailed 'Weirdest Audition' That Led to Condola Role

Many Insecure viewers haven’t let up on Condola since she first appeared as they ruthlessly picked on her name. It didn’t get easier when she got into a relationship with Lawrence and then revealed a pregnancy with him, effectively ending fans’ hopes that he and Issa would get back together for good. Condola’s actor Christina Elmore has acknowledged the “creative” names viewers have given her character and recently detailed the “weirdest audition” she claimed she’s had that led up to the role.

Christina Elmore revealed ‘weirdest audition’ that led to Condola role

Shortly before the final season of Insecure premiered, Christina Elmore talked to HuffPost about the “weirdest audition” she ever had when attempting to land the character of Condola.

She explained she learned she advanced to the chemistry read that would take place the following day, months after her first audition. Additionally, the actor portraying Condola would have to start immediately.

After initially believing it wasn’t even real, she noted she became more confused as she didn’t know Lawrence’s Jay Ellis would pair up with her for the chemistry read due to the show’s crew attempting to hide the storyline.

She remembered the script listed the character’s name as Lincoln Washington at the time.

The actor thinks the ‘creative’ nicknames for Condola are mostly funny

Elmore continued and detailed the elimination process, noting women were either held in waiting rooms or dismissed after their chemistry reads.

Comparing it to the reality dating show The Bachelor, where it seemed as though “you get a rose, you don’t get a rose,” Elmore noted she was the last one remaining and learned she landed the role.

Calling the part of Condola a “welcome blessing,” the actor touched on the “creative” names fans have given her character, including “Condolences and Condolavirus, Conditioner, Credenza — come on, Credenza?!”

While she admitted she doesn’t “get too deep into it,” the actor noted she still finds them funny, “for the most part.”

She admitted she thinks fans’ reactions to Condola keeping Lawrence’s baby is rooted in ‘misogyny’

During season 4, Lawrence and Condola met at a baby shower and hit it off, even though she worked with Issa, who he dated for several years.

The two had a short-lived relationship and broke up when he realized he hadn’t completely moved on from Issa. Therefore, they attempted to rekindle their romance, but Condola revealed she was pregnant with Lawrence’s baby, bursting the lovebird’s bubbles.

Even though Condola chose to keep the child and gave Lawrence the option of not raising the baby, it proved too much for Issa, and she ended things, seemingly for good. After Condola revealed her plans to keep the child, many fans accused her of purposefully getting pregnant.

Elmore admitted the reactions “shocked” her, calling it “inherent misogyny,” as viewers are upset with Condola when she was honest and never came in between Lawrence and Issa. She also addressed the one-sided hate for her character, noting, “it took two people to make a baby.” Insecure airs Sundays on HBO.

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