Inside Geordie Shore house – fiery feuds, secret producer input and alcohol rule

Geordie Shore hit our screens once again recently and has since welcomed on a bunch of newbies who are shooting their shot with the main cast.

Robbie McMahon is one of the dating hopefuls who has entered this series to do his best on nabbing one of the Geordie girls – Chloe Ferry in particular.

When chatting to the Daily Star about his experience Robbie shared some juicy bits of behind the scenes info that fans will be surprised about.

When asked if anything was scripted, Robbie said no, but did say: "They didn't tell me what to do at all. They just hinted in conversation. Like, 'maybe ease off this' you know, 'the Geordies have the power to vote you out, so maybe you know…'

"I know I was getting the top so whoever was watching what was going on in the house, the producers, I know it was, they were getting a little bit on their seats about what was going on, but is what it is. I just had to be myself. And because I'm a bloody villain."

Robbie's villain reputation came from his bad-boy behaviour in the house, going from dating Amelia Lily to Chloe Ferry.

After he ditched Amelia, this ruffled the feathers of fellow housemates, with Nathan Henry branding him as a "villain" and saying he had "the personality of a nit".

Robbie also revealed that the main cast members were territorial when it came to the house and didn't treat him in the best way, but rest assured there's no bad blood from his side.

The reality star also revealed that cast members weren't happy when producers stopped the free-flowing alcohol during filming.

The new series of the show aimed to steer away from its former alcohol-fuelled antics and delve more into the personal lives of the main members

However, Robbie said there was still "a lot of boozing" and that producers actually restricted what they could guzzle.

He continued: "There is a lot of boozing. Some of the Geordies were actually p***ed off, like 12:30, 1 o'clock in the morning, they'd stop the alcohol and we're all partying and they'd be like 'there's no alcohol left'.

"So some of them were like, 'I'm not continuing to film unless you fill up my cup'. The main cast were just as shocked as we were about it."

Notoriously, the house is always turned into a bit of a pigsty after the Geordies get stuck into the wild ways with house parties and drunken disasters galore.

This was the state Robbie found the house in too, with him being shocked at how the house was left, with hungover cast members dripped around the house the morning after.

Robbie added: "They put me on a drinking ban so I wasn't drinking on the first night, so I woke up fresh, went and hit the gym in the corner of the room.

"And you've got Marty just sleeping, dribbling off the couch, Nathan under the stairs, then people just hanging around like someone's been in the house and shot everyone.

"There were just people everywhere, was mad, packets of crisp on the floor. So I was walking around over them just training. And then I'd go back to my room. It was just really really weird.

"Marty literally never combed his hair, I'm pretty sure he never brushed his teeth."

The model still says that he has eyes for Chloe and would still consider dating her now, saying she looks like a real-life Barbie doll.

Robbie said: "She looks like a Barbie. She just looks like she's just come out like a box completely immaculate hair, makeup, her body shape was like this sort of like mad. Unreal.

"Chloe would get it on a Monday to Sunday."

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