Jeremy Clarkson lost for words after Jimmy Carr's 'disastrous' Who Wants to Be A Millionaire appearance

JEREMY Clarkson was left speechless on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire after Jimmy Carr's appearance on the show ended in disaster.

The former Top Gear presenter welcomed more famous faces onto the popular ITV show, all trying to win sizeable sums of money for their chosen charities. 

Wednesday night's episode saw Jimmy, Christine Ohuruogu and Alex Beresford all take part, but up first was the comedian, however, his stint in the chair didn't go as planned.

Given that Jimmy graduated with a first from the University of Cambridge, there were high expectations for the comedian to perform well.

And things were looking up for the television presenter as he soon reached an eye-watering £32,000.

For his £64,000 question, Jeremy asked: "Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, which steam locomotive set a world speed record in 1938 that still stands?"

The options, in condescending order, were Rocket, The Mallard, The Brighton Belle and The Flying Scotsman.

Jimmy, who didn't know the answer, proceeded to use his lifelines, including phone a friend, but they were equally clueless as to what the answer could be.

Jimmy, who had only set his second safety net at £64,000, guessed and chose The Flying Scotsman.

However, this was the wrong answer, with the correct option being The Mallard.

Jimmy promptly lost £31,000 and walked away with £1,000 – and host Jeremy was left speechless.

Holding his head in his hands, Jeremy could only mutter: “You’ve just cost yourself 31,000,” with Jimmy slowly coming to the realisation about the amount of money he had just lost.

Earlier on in the show, fans were left outraged over a joke presenter Jeremy said about late comedian Sean Lock.

Before Jimmy started his round of questions, Jeremy went over the rules of the show for him.

He explained: "You've got four lifelines, 50/50, you've got two phone a friends because you've got no audience because of Covid…"

Jimmy couldn't help but butt in and joked: "Oh I thought that was because people prefered Tarrant."

As the crew gasped, the comedian asked: "What?"

Jeremy replied: "That was because they were promised Sean Lock!"

Viewers were deeply offended by the joke as it comes just three months after the comedian passed away from cancer.

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