Jersey Shore star JWoww’s ex-husband Roger Mathews admits to ‘pushing’ her ‘three or four times’ during their marriage – The Sun

JERSEY Shore's Jenni 'JWoww' Farley's ex-husband Roger Mathews has admitted to "pushing" the reality star during their four year marriage.

Last year, Jenni, 33, who filed for divorce from Roger in 2018, shocked fans after security footage of her estranged husband throwing her to the ground during a heated argument was shared online.

The clips were posted to her blog and contained several 2017 videos taken from inside their New Jersey home.

Despite their previous problems, Roger has since revealed there's no issues with Jenni now as he came clean about their physical altercations.

He appeared on the Champ and The Tramp alongside friend and UFC fighter Frankie Edgar earlier this week to discuss their former marriage.

He said: "There's a lot of mis-truths and misbeliefs out there that I hit Jenni.

"I've never hit Jenni in my life ever. I have pushed her, that I can remember, three or four times in our entire relationship. All wrong. We should've gone for help is what we should've done."

Police were previously called to their home in December 2018 after an argument broke out.

Roger was removed from the property by cops in the early hours of the morning, but no police charges were filed against him.

The star revealed during the chat: "And for the record, I was never arrested or anything like that.

"No police charges were ever filed in anything criminal. None of that stuff ever went anywhere… I've worked diligently to become a better human and work more on the things I do before I do them."

The dad-of-two later insisted he's happy for Jenni and new boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello, who she began dating last year.

Roger added: "I'm happy for her and I say that in the most sincere way. I'm not saying that in a sarcastic sorta way.

"She's with a guy… I've met Zack maybe three times now. I don't have an issue with that relationship whatsoever."


The former couple, who met in 2010, have share two children, Melani and Grayson.

Jenni officially filed for divorce in 2018- exactly three weeks before their three year wedding anniversary.

The divorce papers read: "The Plaintiff and the Defendant have irreconcilable differences which have caused the breakdown of the marriage for a period of at least six months which make it appear that the marriage should be dissolved and that there is no prospect of reconciliation."

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