Jim Parsons pays loving tribute to his partner Todd on their 18th anniversary

Jim Parsons has shared a sweet throwback photo with his husband Todd Spiewak in celebration of their 18th anniversary together as a couple. 

The Big Bang Theory star, who married Todd in 2017, was seen beaming in the old school photo from the early 2000s, and reflected on meeting the man that would change his life forever. 

In a long statement alongside the pic, Jim spoke candidly about the important locations of their first date, as the pair explored New York together after being introduced by friends. 

The rest, as they say, is history. 

He wrote on Instagram: ‘Babies that were born the day I met Todd Spiewak turn 18 years old today; happy birthday to them, and happy 18th blind-date-set-up anniversary to Todd. 

‘Our intuitive friends, Tami and Oonie, put us together and, on November 15th, 2002, we played pool (huh?) at Slate on 21st street; we sang Karaoke (again, huh?) at Sing Sing on Avenue A, and then we went to Robbie’s birthday party at… some gay bar on the east side (that part makes sense to me). 

‘Todd walked me to the 1st Ave L train stop and, as we said goodbye, I knew we would be seeing each other again – which ended up being two nights later, when we went to see Michael Moore’s “Bowling for Columbine” at the Union Square AMC – because nothing says “let’s start a life-journey together” better than a divisive documentary (why couldn’t we just go see “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”, like every other new couple in 2002?).’ 

‘That said, we both loved the movie and talked about it at Patsy’s Pizzeria (may the Union Sq location Rest In Peace) afterward,’ he concluded. 

‘My life changed completely and completely for the better. Love wins.’ 

While Jim acknowledges he was openly gay with his friends and loved ones, the actor didn’t come out publicly until 2016.

Initially fearing it would negatively impact his career, and The Big Bang Theory star now says it was the best decision he’s made. 

Speaking about the decision earlier this year on David Tennant’s podcast, he said: ‘It happened organically. 

‘I was doing an interview the year after A Normal Heart with the New York Times and Patrick Healy was interviewing me and he just asked, “Was it more meaningful to you to be a part of A Normal Heart because you’re gay?” I went “Yes.”

‘And I just thought, I sort of came out through the back door, which again sounds dirty in this conversation. But it kind of was appropriate because […] I wasn’t trying to hide from my friends and family.’

The Big Bang Theory, Hollywood and Boys In The Band are now all available on Netflix in the UK.

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