Katie Price reveals 29 stone Harvey will smash up her house and leave holes in the wall if she denies him food

KATIE Price has revealed her son Harvey will smash up her house and leave holes in the wall if she denies him food.

The 42-year-old's eldest son, 18, is autistic and struggles with the excessive appetite caused by his genetic condition ­Prader-Willi Syndrome.

The condition can impact muscle tone and functions of the nervous system and sparks the constant desire to eat.

The former glamour model explained she has been forced to padlock the family fridge to stop Harvey, whose weight has soared 29st, bingeing in the night and also has to lock the kitchen cupboards.

Despite Katie doing her best to limit her son’s food intake, Harvey turns violent when he doesn’t get what he wants.

She said: "It’s a cruel and horrible illness where he feels hungry all the time — and if he doesn’t get food he gets angry. It’s hard work.

"He'll smash things up if you say no. I’ve had to re-plaster my walls because he’ll bash holes in them with his head.

"He knows what nice things taste of. I’ll give him sweet potato chips instead of real fries but he knows the difference.

"It's not what he eats in the day, it’s what he eats when I don’t see him. I’ve tried hiding food but he’ll find it.

"You can’t leave food or leftovers on the side or he’ll eat it, and he’s really quick too.

"He even eats in his sleep. He'll walk downstairs and eat whatever he can find. We've even found him rummaging through friends' bags for food."

Katie explained her agony over son Harvey after his weight soared to nearly 29st.

Disabled Harvey has a condition which makes him crave food and doctors have warned he is at serious risk of a heart attack if he does not lose weight urgently.

Mum-of-five Kate said: "He'll need to lose weight or he'll end up dead. I don’t want to lose him."

Within two months, disabled Harvey has piled on almost two stone and is now tipping the scales at 28st 7lb.

His obsession with food is linked to his disabilities — which make him always feel hungry.

It became so bad that Katie was recently forced to beg fans for help in finding a treadmill and rowing machine in a desperate bid to get her son exercising during lockdown.

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