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KATIE Price told her ex's new fiancée she hoped her unborn baby would die in a catalogue of horrific abuse fired over years.

The model swerved jail last month for breaking a restraining order against Michelle Penticost by calling her a “gutter s**g” in a text.

But Michelle has been left suffering crippling anxiety, scared to leave her home and even forced to install CCTV out of worry Price will turn up.

She today lifts the lid on the harrowing abuse after four years of holding a dignified silence.

Former flight attendant Michelle, 40, the partner of Price’s ex-husband Kieran Hayler, also slammed the sentence, saying it sent the wrong message.

Price was handed a five-year restraining order against Michelle in 2019 for calling her a "f*****g c**t" and "fat" at the school gates in front of kids, parents and a teacher.


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She breached it in January by texting Kieran, warning him: "Tell your c*****g whore piece of s**t girlfriend not to start on me."

But mum-of-five Price astonishingly got off with community service last month, despite also being on a suspended sentence for her drink and drug-fuelled car crash.

Michelle burst into tears at the result and told The Sun: "I feel like there's no deterrent, that's what I'm worried about.

"You never want anyone to go to prison, but you do need to have consequences for your actions. What kind of example is it setting?

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"The message this has sent out is, you can break a restraining order and get just a fine and community service.

"Especially to the youth – there's people who idolise her who'll think if she can get away with it, why can't I?

"I'm a strong woman, I have two children, so we have to hopefully put this behind us.

"But this is Katie Price we're talking about, so I'm not sure this will stop.

"I'd like to say she wouldn't do anything because she's just been to court – but she's very unpredictable, so I'm not quite sure what she'd do."


Price was handed an 18-month community order. She must complete a total of 170 hours of community service and ordered to pay £1,500 in court costs.

She smirked as she walked free after Judge Stephen Mooney said the text did not warrant jail as it was an "indirect" breach.

And he said the WhatsApp message was not a similar offence to the crash, for which she got a 16-week term suspended for a year in December, so did not trigger the sentence.

He also showed sympathy for the impact it would have on her kids – particularly eldest Harvey, 20, who is severely disabled.

Michelle, hoping to wed Kieran, 35, by the end of next year, said in her victim impact statement read to Lewes crown court she feels "anxious" and "demoralised".

She has two kids – baby Apollo, who she had with Kieran last August, and 11-year-old son Valentino.

She has also become stepmum to Jett, eight, and seven-year-old Bunny – Kieran’s kids with Price – and has a strong bond with them.

"This behaviour is bullying, and considering she's an advocate for mental health, she's a hypocrite.

Speaking at her West Sussex home alongside her personal trainer fiancé, Michelle said: "We don't really live that far from Kate. I just think; she knows where we live now. She didn't for years, which was nice.

"Now we've had some incidents. One time she turned up unannounced.

"She wanted to speak to me but I just wouldn't open the door. That was just before Covid, when she had the restraining order.

"She says horrible things about Apollo.

"When I was about seven months pregnant she said she hoped the baby is either born dead or disabled.

"Seven months you're at quite a critical time, all the hormones, it's hard enough.

"Considering she has Harvey, that was quite distressing actually.

"This behaviour is bullying, and considering she's an advocate for mental health, she's a hypocrite."

The jibe at Apollo was made to Michelle and Kieran through a third party.

Price, who growled "suck my d***" when The Sun asked if she thought she was going down, jetted off to Thailand on holiday days after the hearing – having booked it weeks ago, confident she would get off.

She was flanked by her car dealer fiancé Carl Woods, 33, before and after court.


Price sent the vile text to Kieran on January 21 – just weeks after her let-off for flipping her BMW X5 at Partridge Green, West Sussex.

It read: "Tell your c*****g whore piece of s**t girlfriend not to start on me.

"She has a restraining order, so shouldn't try antagonise me as she is in breach, and I'm sure she doesn't want people knowing that she was having an affair with you behind my back, the gutter s**g."

It was in retaliation to a private Instagram post by Michelle that she thought was a dig at her – which Michelle denies.

Michelle was at a swimming lesson with Valentino when Kieran pondered whether to even show her as it was so horrific.

She insisted he did and said: "The language used is just awful. We don't talk like that.

"Being called all these names… my mother, father and nan read this, even though they don't want to.”

The school gates incident happened in 2018 – the first time the pair met – and Price was fined £415 and slapped with the restraining order for using threatening or abusive words likely to cause harassment.

Michelle, who met Kieran through their kids' school, does not know why Price began attacking her but said: "She's definitely obsessed we 'had an affair'.

"When we got the restraining order, we had to prove we didn't.”

Revealing the trauma she has suffered, Michelle says: "We've got CCTV everywhere now which helps, but I don't get out much.

"I know this sounds stupid, but if it's dark and I have to go to our cars on the drive, I won't be doing that.

"I think she has got a lot of people that would do anything for her. I just feel like she can literally do anything.

"Not just am I worried about Kate, also she has a big following.

"If I do something like a day out, I want to put pictures up online but I always do it after because you don't know who is going to turn up.”

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Michelle says she hopes the abuse will now stop but she is "not confident".

She added: "I'm sure if she had my number, she'd be doing it directly – but she hasn't. She asks for it all the time and says it's 'not normal I don't have it'.

"It is. There's no reason why she needs to have my number."

Katie’s rep has been contacted for comment.

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