Katie Price's son Junior, 15, reveals he's trolled every day after exposing sicko who tormented disabled brother Harvey

KATIE Price's son Junior Andre has spoken out about being trolled after exposing the sicko who tormented his disabled brother Harvey.

It comes a week after the 15-year-old shared sickening messages he's received online that were aimed at him and his older sibling.

Junior decided to shed light on the kind of abuse he gets sent on a daily basis – including death threats aimed at him and older brother Harvey, 18, who has various disabilities.

"Hate in general doesn't bother me at all. For some people it really hurts them and effects them but for me it doesn't.

"If I look at a comment that is hate it doesn't mean anything, it is just a comment. But for some people it hurts them deep," the Star quote him as saying.

The teen explained that he's lucky enough to be able to take the vile comments on the chin, but unfortunately some other people aren't as strong as him.

He added: "For some it cuts deep, they may want to do something to themselves like cry or hurt themselves but for me comments like that do not affect me at all. It is weird.

"I think people cope with things in different ways.

"I have to keep it professional – I am not going to start violating him. Some people are tapped. I can't lie."

Although social media can be a very negative place, it can also bring a lot of positives – including highlighting the importance of Harvey's Law.

Speaking out about the incident involving his brother in an Instagram live video last week, he said: "I didn't want agg or abuse towards him.

"That's the whole reason why we are doing Harvey's Law.

"My brother Harvey, this law is what we are carrying on. Basically there is going to be a law where it stops it and it makes it illegal for online trolling."

Back in 2017, Katie created Harvey's Law, an online petition to make online abuse a crime and anyone who does it to be put on a register.

Harvey – who is partially blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome – has been a victim of vile comments in the past and Katie wanted it to stop.

Over the past four years the family have been fighting to pass Harvey's Law to end all the suffering that some people have to deal with on a regular basis.

In June 2020 the former glamour model begged MPs to change the law to tackle trolls, as she warned of the "disgusting" online abuse her eldest gets.

She said: "We need to decide, it’s got to become a law. If it doesn’t, I will keep fighting.

"How far does someone have to go before consequences are done?"

Katie herself also opened up about how comments can affect her and she's even ended up seeking professional help because of it.

She added: "I'm sick of it as well, it's become draining. I ended up going in The Priory myself at the beginning of this year because of the bullying and the trolling… we're all humans.

"I can see how people end up committing suicide because it's mental health. It's not hard, it's an easy law, it should be put in place."

Katie hasn't stopped there.

In November 2020 she demanded sitdown talks with social media giants Twitter and Facebook in a bid to get Harvey’s Law introduced. 

The mum-of-five was left "raging" after a vile clip of a man in make-up pretending to be her disabled son appeared on Twitter.

A source told us: "Katie has seen first hand the pain and devastation trolls do.

"At times they have pushed her to the brink but she will never let them win. 

"But this incident with Harvey, however, is a step too far. It’s just sick and in Katie's eyes it just shows why she needs to do something to clean up the Internet and eliminate these morons.

“She’d like to sit down with the people in charge of these sites and put pressure on them to do more to protect people and go after these people.

"Katie is deadly serious about this campaign and bringing about change."


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