Last days of Boris Johnson Nick Ferrari issues stark reality of ruthless Tory party

Boris Johnson slammed by Nick Ferrari for Covid strategy

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Speaking on This Morning, Nick Ferrari stated that it was with “no doubt” the Prime Minister would be stepping down soon. As ITV hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield discussed the matter and showed a clip of emotional DUP MP Jim Shannon breaking down in tears in the House Of Commons over his mother-in-law dying alone during the pandemic, Ferrari described these as the “last days” of Mr Johnson’s rule.

“Let your viewers be in no doubt, this is the gravest crisis the Prime Minister has ever faced whether as PM, mayor or shadow politician,” he commented.

The radio host added: “There are movements going on now, I’m not saying they are getting ready but they’re talking about the last days of Boris Johnson.

“And why? Because a born winner is actually now losing. He won against Theresa May, he won against Jeremy Corbyn – you could argue, quite weak opposition.

Calling the Tory party “ruthless”, he remarked: “But it appears his luck is running out,” he went on to say: “If you’re starting to lose and lose and lose again – the license he was given coming into this year – keep your head down, don’t get anything else wrong, don’t have any more scandals, get us to the local elections in May – I think that license could be endorsed.”

Holly asked: “So are you suggesting, by what you’ve just said, that this could be it for him?”

“This is the fight of his life, Holly,” Nick replied. “Be in no doubt.”

He continued: “My understanding is that the idea he’s going do a pre-statement is possibly now not on, because it draws more attention to it.

“Rather, prior to taking his six questions from Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, who we understand will be there, he will somehow maybe take a tame question from a man or woman that will allow him to address it and he will put the statement out there.

“That is the statement of Boris Johnson’s political future.”

“He can’t hide this time,” Phillip responded while Camilla Tominey added: “No, he can’t hide.

“He’s got nowhere to hide, and everyone that you speak to about Sue Gray says, ‘lovely woman, takes no prisoners’.

“I mean, she’s a straight-down-the-line civil servant who isn’t going to be doing any cover-ups here.

“He needs to grovel for his life, try to give some explanation.”

As she went on to say Downing Street was having a “living nightmare” in May 2020, Holly argued: “Everyone was, though.”

It comes after damning evidence was reported that the Prime Minister attended a garden party in May 2020, a time when the country was still under firm lockdown restrictions.

In an email sent to 100 Downing Street staff by adviser Martin Reynolds, members were invited to “bring their own booze” to the large summer gathering.

It comes just weeks after reports emerged about a 2020 Christmas Party taking place in Downing Street.

As of yet, Mr Johnson hasn’t confirmed his attendance at the party, and it comes following a string of broken lockdown rules by the government.

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