Lisa Kudrow reveals emotional reason she'd NEVER do a Friends movie or new series

LISA Kudrow has revealed the emotional reason she'd NEVER do a Friends movie or a new series.

The hit sitcom came to an end in 2004 after 10 seasons and ever since, fans have been desperately hoping the cast would reunite for a new episode or movie version of the show.

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But during the Friends Reunion – which premiered today in the US and the UK – Lisa shot down any hope of the characters returning.

The 57-year-old – who played Phoebe Buffay – was asked by presenter James Corden if she had ever contemplated returning to the role that made her famous.

She replied: "No, I'm sorry I haven't."

As the audience chuckled at her direct reply, she explained it would never be her decision to make anyway, it would be up to creators David Crane and Marta Kauffman.

She said: "Because that's all up to Marta and David. I once heard them say, and I completely agree, they ended the show very nicely.

"Everyone's lives are very nice and they would have to unravel all those good things in order for there to be stories.

"I don't want anyone's happy endings unravelled."

She added: "Also at my age to be saying like 'floopy', stop. You have to grow up."

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James then asked what the actors thought their characters were doing now.

Jennifer Aniston said of Rachel and Ross: "Let's say we got married, we had some kids and you [David] still played with bones."

Courteney Cox added: "I think my character is still really competitive, her kids have probably graduated but she's still in charge of the bake sale at elementary school.

"She's got to keep things going, PTA. And you [Matthew Perry] are making me laugh every day."

Lisa said: "Phoebe is married to Mike, they're probably in Connecticut they had kids and I thinks she was an advocate for her kids who were probably a little different, creating the arts program and stuff like that."

As for Joe, Matt LeBlanc joked he had "Probably opened a sandwich shop in Venice Beach."

Friends: The Reunion is available on HBO Max in the US and on NOW and Sky One in the UK from today.

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