Long Island Medium Theresa Caputo's daughter Victoria, 26, trolls her mom by wearing blonde wig & mocks hair 'poof'

LONG Island Medium Theresa Caputo's daughter Victoria, 26, trolled her mom by wearing a blonde wig and mocks her hair "poof."

just yesterday, the bride-to-be slammed a troll who dared body shame her while she rocked a bodysuit.

Victoria took to her Instagram Stories on Saturday to talk to her fans while pretending to be her mom by wearing a blonde wig and rocking extensions at the top to make the hair look like a poof.

"Hey guys, it's me again. Can't tell you how much I really missed traveling and I am in Florida now, I'm going to be in Kissimmee," Victoria said while putting on a thick ong Island, New York accent.

"I'm losing my train of thought – I'm having a really good hair day, you know, look at this. Staying nice. Arizona weather and Florida weather, totally different. It's a little humid in Arizona, but Florida, look at this.

"The poof, it's perfect. Look at that, the higher the hair, the closer to God. That's how they say it, right?

"Alright, guys, it's getting late. I gotta get up early, gotta have a protein shake, gotta go to the gym, I gotta work out. Make sure I get that in, it's my morning routine – I just get so tired at night so easily.

"Alright, everyone have a good night. I'll see ya in Florida," she said, ending her sketch without breaking character.

Theresa also shared the string of videos on her Instagram page and wrote: "This is what happens when I'm away."

Fas of the Long Island Medium know that Theresa has been rocking the poof for years now and is her signature hairstyle.

Just yesterday, Victoria was forced to clap back at a troll who called her bodysuit "too tight."

The reality star wore just a brown sexy bodysuit and nothing else, as she stood with her hand on her hip looking directly at the camera.

While many rushed to the comments to praise Victoria for her beauty, others felt her outfit to be unflattering.

One troll got into a heated argument with the soon-to-be bride, as they slammed her outfit as "too tight."

"No, I don't have a problem, just being honest" they wrote, adding: "Sorry my comment saying your outfit is tight bothers you."

Victoria did not let the hater go unscathed, as she quickly clapped back replying: "Your comment is unnecessary. BTW it's a body suit it's supposed to be form fitting," she assured.

The TV personality has dealt with her fair share of body-shamers in the past and has advised her fans to "stay true to yourself" when dealing with haters online.

During an Instagram Q&A session last month, the young star was asked by a follower: "How do you deal with people body shamming you? I need tips."

Victoria confidently replied: "Do your best to ignore them! And stay true to yourself!"

A second followed up with: "I absolutely love your confidence. How do you not let other people's opinions get to you?"

The reality star explained her strength, replying:  "Learning not to care what other people have to say!

"Most of the time they have their own insecurities and issues so they say things to others to make themselves feel better!"

Victoria has also been documenting her weight loss journey via her social media, as she prepares for her wedding day in May of 2021.

During the same Instagram live session, another fan inquired about her methods towards a healthier lifestyle.

"How are you losing weight? I need motivation," they asked.

"Small portions. Eat small snack/meals throughout the day. Moderation is the key," she advised.

Despite the criticism from keyboard warriors, Victoria has caught the eye of huge brands as of late, and has begun to model via her platforms.

Khloe Kardashian's Good American enlisted the New York native to model their designs this past summer.

As she posed in the form-fitting denim, the personality promoted body "confidence" to her followers.

"An amazing pair of @goodamerican Jeans a T-shirt, some heels and I’m ready to go!

"So happy to be able to get out again and to feel confident in my own skin!" she wrote enthusiastically.

Victoria is preparing to wed her fiancée Michael Mastrandrea after postponing their 2020 wedding due to Covid.

The couple recently celebrated their four year anniversary, with two years spent engaged.

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