Loose Women fans blown away by S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens’ ageless beauty

Singer Rachel Stevens found fame in pop band S Club 7 and was once the UK’s favourite pinup girl but today she appeared on Loose Women to discuss body confidence and how it impacted her adult life.

Rachel, 42, spoke to the Loose Women panel via video link as she spilled on what she's been up to since the height of S Club 7's fame in the early noughties.

As Rachel hasn’t been on television screens for quite some time, many Loose Women fans took the opportunity to flock to social media to comment on how “great” the star looked.

Taking to Twitter, one fan said: “Rachel Stevens hasn’t aged. She looks so good!”

Another chimed: “She still looks great.”

Whilst another went even further with a proposal gif and commented: “Be still my beating heart.”

Rachel also spoke openly about attending therapy from a young age after her family had gone through a separation. Due to this, Rachel’s mother encouraged her to attend therapy before as a teen.

Presenter, Denise commented on this and complimented her family for encouraging her to attend therapy at such a young age. She also asked her whether therapy is something she continues to do till this day.

Rachel replied: “I have therapy weekly. I need it as a sort of outlet. I’m someone who has been a worrier.”

“I always think a lot and I am someone who internalises things a lot, I can be incredibly emotional and sensitive, so I think I just need that person who’s not so close, to give me that outlet.”

Rachel explained that she does talk to her family but enjoys discussing things with an outside source.

Presenter Frankie also chimed in to discuss whether she felt pressure regarding her looks.

Rachel said: “It’s a conflicting one, it is a weird thing growing up and seeing pictures of yourself all the time.”

“You're constantly seeing images of yourself, which is quite unhealthy.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV

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