Loose Women set collapses live on air as Charlene and Colleen cut off by falling panel

Loose Women set collapses live on-air

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During Monday’s Loose Women, Charlene White began the programme by introducing the panel. The ITV instalment saw appearances from Coleen Nolan, Jane Moore and guest panellist Storm Keating, who admitted to being nervous over her first live TV appearance. One of the topics of discussion during the show was about childhood sweethearts. The segment came as they spoke about England captain Harry Kane, who ended up marrying his childhood sweetheart. However, things quickly took an unexpected turn when one of the panels located behind Storm randomly fell down.

Before the panel fell, Coleen was talking about her first love of four years.

“Oh,” Charlene said in shock. “That’s just part of the set.”

Jane went on to make a joke about Coleen’s first love breaking down the set, as she said: “Oh, look we’ve found him.”

Newcomer Storm just looked on in shock and nervously laughed as Coleen added: “Look, there here is.”

“It’s not normally a health and safety nightmare like this,” Charlene reassured.

Poking fun at the show’s budget, Coleen continued: “Look, I’m not being funny but the budget on this show is off the scale.”

“The sticky back plastic isn’t working great,” Charlene laughed.

“Don’t worry someone is secretly going to go backstage and pick that up while Coleen talks. Carry on.”

Before the former singer went on to finish her story, Coleen pointed to the fallen panel and said: “Just ignore that.”

Fans were quick to respond to the mishap and many took to social media to share their thoughts.

“The set is falling apart. How apt,” one sarcastically commented.

Another wrote: “The #LooseWomen set just collapsed live on air!!!!!”

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A third added: “I thought Coleen’s childhood sweetheart was about to walk in (in a Michael McIntyre’s Big Show style).” (sic)

A fourth joked: “Thought that was Coleen’s first bf kicking down the door & saying I’m here.”

After the show continued, two members of the ITV crew were shown coming onto the set with a ladder to try and fix the fallen panel.

Charlene later joked it was Storm’s husband, Ronan trying to destroy the set to stop her from chatting about her childhood sweetheart.

As the workmen managed to tape the panel back on, Charlene said: “A huge thank you to Darren and the team for fixing it.”

Storm, who had been a guest on Loose Women before, made her debut as a guest panellist on Monday – and viewers were loving her.

Taking to Twitter, one praised: “@Storm_Keating great job on @loosewomen Storm! You’re definitely a natural. Would love to see you back on one day!” (sic)

Another said: “@loosewomen Loving @Storm_Keating as a panellist today a great addition to the show Hope Storm returns for more shows.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12:30pm on ITV. 

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