Love Island fans spot clue Lana is getting Ron ick after baby challenge

Love Island fans have predicted that there may be trouble on the horizon for Ron Hall, as they've noticed that Lana Jenkins may have caught the "ick" in the aftermath of the baby challenge.

Wednesday night's episode saw the return of the fan-favourite baby challenge. However, some fans were left less than impressed by self-proclaimed "single dad" Ron's comments to Lana during the challenge.

And others suggested that Lana may have even gotten the "ick" from her boyfriend after he called her lack of parenting skills "unattractive" and later yawned while she was talking to him.

At one point Ron told his girlfriend: "When girls are good with babies it’s really attractive and you have not done that…I'll be completely honest."

Meanwhile viewers at home said that Ron had given them the "ick" during the episode, and that they wouldn't be surprised if Lana felt the same way.

One wrote: "Ron telling lana she’s not ready to be a mum sounds so condescending…. he gives me the ick" and a second added: "Ron speaking to Lana how he would speak to the mother of his children gives me the ick."

Others suggested that it may be Ron who has caught the ick, one viewer said: "RON STRAIGHT UP SAID LANA BEING A DEAD BEAT MOTHER IS GIVING HIM THE ICK LMFAOOOO."

Even more criticised the financial advisor's comments to Lana, with one writing: "Ron's acting like she birthed that doll. Of course she's not gonna take a doll seriously."

Another joked: "Well that ain't very 'International Women's Day' of you Ronnie boy, is it?"

And a third suggested: "Lana isn't interested in being a mom just yet. Ron should have said something to reassure Lana that she'll be a great mom someday. Instead, Ron decided to be Ron."

Recent episodes have seen Ron clash with his fellow islanders, beginning when Shaq Muhammad claimed that viewers may believe that Ron only picked Lana because everyone loves her.

Later on, Ron said: "When I was a viewer… I thought, the ones who have their drama nice and early and then get comfy and treat it like a holiday, they’re the ones who are probably like, they just cruise."

These remarks were then spread around the villa by Samie Elishi who suggested that Ron has accidentally revealed his "game plan".

As the drama continued, with Ron eventually confronting Samie over these claims, 245 complaints were lodged with Ofcom, with a further 57 the following day over the alleged “bullying” of Ron.


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