Love Island was created by government to ‘divert’ population, claims wild theory

Love Island was invented by the government to 'divert' the populations from 'real' issues, according to a wild conspiracy theory.

From June to August, some three million viewers tune in nightly to watch a group of sexy singles couple up in an attempt to win £50,000.

And some believe the show – and it's addictive nature – were created by the powers that be to keep our minds off the real news.

"Every year i become more convinced Love Island is a Black Mirror style government conspiracy, designed to melt our brains and forget climate change, the refugee crisis etc," one person tweeted.

"I love trash TV as much as the next person, but there is something indescribably eerie about Love Island.

"It’s as though we are being purposefully diverted from something… I will not be at all surprised if world war 3 is declared during the love island final LoveIsIand."

"Love Island and Goggle Box are a government conspiracy to keep the masses docile," agreed another.

And a third hypothesized that it was all down to Brexit – although the series started in 2015 the Brexit vote didn't happen until 2016.

"Conspiracy theory: the government ordered ITV to make Love Island to distract us from Brexit," said another.

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