Love Island’s Chris Hughes going to LA and hires Hollywood agent in a bid to crack America ‘like Mark Wright’

LOVE Island's Chris Hughes has hired a Hollywood agent in a bid to crack America just "like Mark Wright".

The reality star, 28, is heading over to Los Angeles in the summer to pursue his acting and TV career.

Since leaving the villa four years ago, Chris has landed a number of his own shows including Chris And Olivia: Crackin' On, Me, My Brother And Our Balls and Chris & Kem Straight Outta Love Island.

He also presented The Cheltenham Festival in 2019 and ITV's Racing Royal Ascot.

But now Chris wants to make it big in America.

He told The Sun: "I have an American manager so that's one reason why I want to go out to America and do a bit more kind of explore stuff out there.

"I just love being in front of the camera. I just want to spread my wings, like I'm never happy with enough, do you know what I mean, I always want more.

"So it keeps me active… I wouldn't want to go out and present and do all that kind of thing that Mark Wright did in LA…

"I'd either want to be me or play someone else, I'd want to act or do my own show. Yeah…

"I mean if I was approached to do James Bond, you ain't going to say no are you, but listen, be realistic here."

So it looks like Chris might be following in the footsteps of the likes of Mark, James Corden and Cat Deeley.

The big move won't put a spanner in the works for any potential girlfriends as Chris isn't rushing into a relationship any time soon.

The star went on to open up about his love life since splitting with former Little Mix star Jesy Nelson last year.

He admitted that he has been chatting to girls on dating apps but is focusing on himself more.

The hunk said: "I am that busy with my work now that I can focus my energy and my time on myself which is quite nice.

"I haven’t done that for a few years now as I have always been in relationships but now it’s time to just “do me” and to find my feet again and work hard and surround myself with the right people.

"And I feel better already, and I have got this new energy and I feel happier and lighter."

Since shooting to fame on the third season of Love Island in 2017, Chris has attended swanky awards ceremonies, showbiz parties and covered live horse racing with ITV.

But having a live testicular examination on This Morning back in 2018 will definitely stand out to him as it helped saved his brother's life.

His older brother Ben, 27, noticed a lump after his sibling bared all and went to the doctors.

The lump was found to be cancerous and had it removed.

Since then Chris has tried to raise as much awareness as he can about it.

The star recently teamed up with KP Nuts in aid of testicular cancer awareness month.

He told us: "KP Nuts did their own research and it shows that 33% of men don't check themselves for lumps and bumps once a month and a worrying 9% say they've never checked.

"So that's quite concerning, more concerning is that 18% of people don't know how to check themselves."

He added: "It is just very important to know that we try destigmatise you know, checking yourself.

"When we go to the pub it should be normal, it can float into conversation, you know, have you checked yourself recently, you're meant to chat about it to make you feel more normal to check yourself."

  • Chris Hughes has partnered with KP Nuts and Movember to raise awareness of testicular cancer for Testicular Cancer Awareness Month this April and encourage men to “Check your Nuts".

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