MAFS Adrian explains why Thomas didnt meet his family and missing Homestays flat scenes

Married At First Sight UK 's Adrian Sanderson has explained why husband Thomas Hartley didn't meet his family and the reason his flat wasn't shown during Homestays.

The digital designer, 37, took to Instagram on Wednesday to take part in a candid Q&A with his 108K followers and viewers of the show.

To which one fan asked: "Why didn't we see your home on the home stays?" to which he explained: "I was annoyed about this, I wanted to film here!

"But my landlord let me do the filming for the backstory in the flat and then for this, he was like: 'No, you're not doing it and if you do, I will revoke the contract for the backstory.'

"I was very annoyed about that, actually, but it is what it is. Tom did come here and all the team in here, but no, we weren't allowed to film!"

Elsewhere, Adrian was asked: "Why didn't Tom meet any of your family?" to he replied: "There's the tiniest snippet of the filming with my mum in ep2 I think. But blink and you'd miss it."

He added in a video: "Yeah, mum actually couldn't come to the wedding, which was so gutting because she lives in Turkey! And she had just sent her passport off to England to have it renewed so she literally couldn't get here – she had no passport!

"Production were trying to get her here but we couldn't do anything about it, so I was gutted.

"But I spoke to her on FaceTime before the wedding and we actually filmed together in here, we did a FaceTime on my laptop and they filmed it.

"Tom spoke to her while we were in the process and they spoke afterwards on FaceTime a couple of times, so yeah, you know, it's a shame but at the same time, I guess for a lot of people, a lot of us choose our own family. My family were at the wedding, my chosen family."


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