'Married at First Sight': Mindy Tells Zach She’s ‘Owed an Apology’

MindyShiben and ZachJustice struggled with their relationship almost immediately after they gotmarried on Lifetime’s Married at First Sight Season 10.

The 34-year-old figure skating coach and 32-year-old personaltrainer seemed to enjoy their wedding, but Zach told Mindy he wasn’t physicallyattracted to her soon afterward. The couple wasn’t intimate on their honeymoon,and Zach said he “felt nothing” during their first kiss. After they returned toD.C., Zach even refusedto move in with Mindy.

Despite her husband’s distant attitude, Mindy held out hope for their marriage and kept the vows she made. On the Feb. 19 episode of Married at First Sight, “Home Is Where Your Spouse Is,” Mindy and Zach met up at a park and discussed Zach’s lack of commitment.

Mindy said Zach needed to ‘do more’ to demonstrate his commitment

“Longtime no see,” Zach said awkwardly as he and Mindy sat down together at a localpark during the latest episode.

TheMarried at First Sight couple quickly got into a deeper conversationabout why Zach refused even to take “baby steps” towards buildingtheir commitment. Zach asked his wife how her counseling session with oneof the show’s matchmakers, PastorCal Roberson, had gone.

“Iwas trying not to have expectations at the beginning of it,” Mindy shared, “butI was really open to living together, so I was kind of surprised when youdecided to go a different way with it.”

Mindyadded emotionally, “Me trying to follow through on my promise is takingliterally everything I have.”

The new bride told Lifetime producers that she was trying to be patient and keep her vows, but she wasn’t going to wait forever for her husband to show some effort and stop being so standoffish. “I do need Zach to do more,” Mindy said. “I can’t be committed alone. Show me how you are invested at all.”

The ‘Married at First Sight’ wife asked her husband for ‘an explanation’ for his behavior

Mindycontinued by straightforwardly asking for an apology from Zach, especiallybecause he had essentially abandonedher with little communication after theirdisastrous honeymoon.

“Ifeel like I’m owed an apology and an explanation as to why I’m going throughthis alone,” the Married at First Sight star told her husband.

Zachseemed reluctant to answer, but he claimed he was doing the “best” he could by offeringto hang out with Mindy more in an effort to build a connection. “All I can dois value this friendship,” he said.

“But we’re not friends,” Mindy pointed out. “We are married.”

Zach assured Mindy he was ‘still in this’

Despitehis apparent reluctance, Zach insisted he still wanted to see where hismarriage could go. “I’m still in this,” the Married at First Sight startold Mindy. “And I haven’t backed out.”

Thefitness model brought up his lack of attractionto Mindy yet again, adding, “I didn’t come into this thinking, ‘If I don’tget the girl I’m attracted to immediately, screw it.’”

Still,Zach apparently did take one step towards a potential future with Mindy. As helifted his left hand, his wife noticed he’d put his wedding ring back on afterremoving it during their honeymoon in Panama.

“Igot it cleaned, too,” he pointed out, leading Mindy to keep a glimmer of hopefor their marriage. Zach told his wife, “I can’t let you be committed alone.”

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