Married at First Sight UKs Luke in major body transformation before wedding

Married at First Sight fans witnessed Luke Dawson and Morag Crichton tie the knot in their wedding ceremony last night, but it seems that despite meeting her beforehand, Luke had been preparing for his wedding day for some time.

Earlier this year, Luke confessed that he had been "at his worst" and had "low self esteem" and wanted to gain his confidence back, so he underwent a slight image overhaul.

Luke focused on spending time in the gym and eating well in a bid to slim down a bit more, as part of his health overhaul, with three photos all showing the clear changes in his body.

As he posted the photos, he said: "I've had low self esteem and my confidence has been battered personally and professionally for a long time, most of my life for various reasons."

Luke explained how he was "staying quiet" and trying to deal with it all himself, before adding: "I rarely opened up to anyone at how much I struggled at times.

"In recent months I have finally decided to battle back and finally move forward, I didn't realise how low my confidence/esteem had become."

He shared the snaps and wrote: "The first photo of me was when I was at my worst, when I almost gave up on myself. The latter photos are from 10 days in the gym and a better diet.

"I know I have a long way to go to look a lot better, gain some muscle and more definition but this is my body that I need to learn to love."

Luke explained that he doesn't care what people think of him anymore, adding that he's "excited" at who he can become.

His transformation came in time for his lavish wedding to Morag, with the pair tying the knot in Tuesday night's episode.

Morag and Luke said their vows to one another, but viewers were unsure that the duo had been matched perfectly by the experts.

When she spotted Luke at the end of the aisle, she immediately said he "isn't what I asked for", but as their personalities appeared to be a complete mismatch, fans were questioning the experts' choices.

The bride has since teased that it's an "incredible journey" and said she can't wait for the viewers to watch, but where will it leave Morag and Luke?

Married at First Sight UK continues tonight at 9pm on E4.

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