Married at First Sights Nikita slams Ant and Alexis for causing bad blood

Married At First Sight UK star Nikita Jasmine has slammed her ex-husband Ant Poole and fellow star Alexis Economou for flirting at the explosive dinner party last week.

The get together saw Nikita explode at fellow star Jordon Mundell over the dinner table for how he had treated his wife Alexis Economou.

But later, Alexis and Nikita’s hubby Ant Poole were spotted getting cosy when Nikita had stormed off – and was later "axed" from the show for good.

At the dinner party, Ant quizzed Alexis on her usual "type", cheekily quipping: "Green eyes?"

Alexis admitted: "This is the most I have laughed!", before telling the camera: "You can’t deny that he’s very handsome. He’s got the sexy eyes."

Alexis told Ant: "I go for vibes, whoever I vibe with and have a connection with," as Ant responded: "Are you vibing?"

Alexis joked: "F*** off, have you got your sexy eyes on?"

Ant, meanwhile, confessed to the camera: “Alexis would be my type so I think there was a little bit of flirting from Alexis and I. I feel like there’s a little bit of a vibe there."

Now Nikita has opened up on her feelings on the supposed flirting, admitting it "wasn’t nice" to watch.

During a candid Q&A on social media, Nikita was asked: "How do you feel about Alexis and Ant flirting?"

Posting to her Instagram Stories, Nikita said: "I mean it’s not the nicest thing to watch let’s be honest.

"I’d obviously walked out of the dinner party at this point straight after I stuck up for Alexis with Jordon (this went on all day BTW, the dinner party took like 12 hours to film, you only saw ten mins of it at the end).

"I feel like as soon as I left my grave was filled. Each to their own. I wouldn’t do that to her but I was baffled by it because there was no flirting going on at all when I was there, it was the first time she had met him."

Nikita added: "I actually pulled Ant to one side on camera and asked if he fancied anyone and he said although I wasn’t his exact type, I was still the best in there but that didn’t get aired, and I asked Alexis if she thought Ant was good looking and again she said he wasn’t her type."

The star went on to say: "I just like people to be open and honest with me just like I am with them then there’s no bad blood.

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"Myself and Alexis had a few conversations regarding girl code and having each other’s backs etc. so not sure what happened there hahahaha but I’m done with it all now."

But Nikita went on to say that her hubby Ant is "beaut" – and only their personalities didn’t mesh.

Posting a sweet pic of her ex on her Stories, Nikita answered a fan question which read: "What didn’t you like about Ant?"

She responded: "It’s not that I didn’t like certain things about Ant, he is beaut!

"But he was a little bit too serious for me, our personalities were completely different including our banter and sense of humour x."

It seems her relationship with Alexis, however, isn’t at the same level as it was initially.

As someone quizzed Nikita: "Are you cool with Alexis?", she replied: "Yeah, me and Alexis are cool.

"I’d say we were close when we started filming & throughout the process. We clicked from day one but things change due to certain reasons," she added with an eye-roll emoji.

And, when one fan wondered about Nikita’s relationship with Jordon and Megan after she laid into him with a foul-mouthed rant at the dinner party, Nikita admitted he’s become "like a brother" to her now.

She confessed: "Personally I have a lot of time for [Megan] and [Jordon] – myself and Jordon didn’t see eye to eye during filming as you all know.

"But he is like a brother to me now, we speak nearly every day. Emotions were heightened massively in that gaff.

"Me & Megan weren’t the closest during the show but I do like her, she was true to herself the full time, I can confirm that."

Nikita couldn’t resist adding a cheeky swipe at Ant and Alexis, as she posted: "I really don’t understand why her & Jordon are getting all the stick because there was other people who were flirting who were still in couples as well but looks like the public turned a blind eye to that."

Speaking of Nikita's reported "axe", a spokesperson for the E4 show told The Sun at the time: "During filming, a situation escalated off camera and Nikita displayed a level of aggression that was unacceptable and breached our agreed code of conduct on behaviour."

Married At First Sight UK continues at 9pm tonight on E4.

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