Matt and Emma Willis have banned their kids from eating McDonalds – and reveal the incredibly posh food they eat instead

MATT Willis has revealed he and wife Emma have banned their children from eating McDonald's.

The Busted hitmaker made the admission on his podcast When No One's Watching and said his kids, Isabelle, 11, Ace, nine, and Trixie, five, have never tried a menu item from the fast food chain either.

The Year 3000 singer, 38, shared: "My kids have never had McDonald's. It is the one thing they’ve never had it and they’ll never have it.

"It is the one thing we have been like: 'do you know what, I don’t want you thinking that is food. Plus you are going to get to an age where you eat it all the time.

"'I know that at the moment when I can control what you eat I am not going to let you eat that stuff.'"

Despite Matt's strict no fast food rule, he admitted that if people looked at his diet they would think he was a "crazy person", revealing he eats salmon roe every morning.

He continued: "I eat some pretty weird s**t. I can’t judge anybody on what they eat. If people looked at my diet they would think: 'you are a crazy person'.

"For instance, last night I had liver, eggs and some spinach. And a little bit of sauerkraut as well which was my dinner. 

"Anyone looking at that would think I am a crazy person and every day at the moment I am trying to take fish eggs," Matt admitted.

"So I take salmon eggs every morning, salmon roe – it is not caviar. It is very different. On the tin they say caviar actually but it is salmon roe.

"Every morning with my supplements I have this little teaspoon. With all these fish eggs on, which are f**king gross.

"They all pop and burst in your mouth and your breath smells disgusting.  It’s not to feel smug or to feel above. It is DHA and omega 3."

Although some may not agree with Matt and Emma's McDonald's ban, they have previously been praised for their open-minded parenting.

Last year, Emma was praised for "breaking gender stereotypes" when she shared a picture of her son Ace in the kitchen rocking a pink crop top and long, blonde hair.

The Voice UK host captioned the post: "My little style icon ❤️ (Ace, not Matt 😂)."

Fans praised the presenter in the image's caption, with one saying: "Just shows how far we have to go in breaking down gender stereotypes. Pink is simply a colour. Hair grows. Let kids (or adults) wear whatever they want!"

But Emma was shocked by the reaction, as she later told Good Morning Britain: “It's just my son in a pink top and for me that is normality.

"He loves colour, he's always had long hair. 

"He's a very free and open-minded boy who doesn't really, well, he's like 'why do I have to dress in green, blue or grey if I like pink, red, purple?'

"I've tried to raise him as a very open-minded young boy."

She later exclusively told The Sun: “I think it's a really individual, personal thing. You know, my son likes what he likes, and far be it for me to stop him expressing himself or experimenting however he likes with clothes.

“I see it as hair is hair, clothes are clothes and colour is colour. And, you know, if my son wants to wear a pink top, I'm certainly not going to stop him.

“Let kids explore. Kids love exploring. And they don't just have to explore in the dirt with worms and spiders, they can explore with colour and clothes and hair. I just let him be him."

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