Money Heist season 5: Stockholm’s fate uncovered as star ‘happy’ with ending

Money Heist: Netflix release dramatic teaser for season five

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It’s been over a year since Money Heist aired their jaw-dropping season finale, which saw the Professor (played by Alvaro Morte) potentially meet his demise. Since then the Netflix streamers wait patiently for the release of season five, however, a huge clue about Stockholm’s (Esther Acebo) fate has been revealed and she could leave with a happy ending.

Stockholm was first introduced to fans in season one as Mónica Gaztambide but later became Stockholm in the second instalment of the show.

Before the Royal Mint of Spain was taken over by the gang she had been working there as a secretary before also becoming a hostage.

While at work she had been having an affair with the married general director of the bank Arturo Roman (Enrique Arce) and had become pregnant.

Although the group of robbers just wanted the money and didn’t set out to harm the hostages they became extra cautious when they realised that among those kidnapped was a pregnant woman.

Each of the people held captive had a role to fulfil and alongside their capturers, they had to help them rob the bank.

Stockholm had initially planned to abort the pregnancy by requesting a pill from the robber but was eventually talked out of it by Denver (Jaime Lorente) who even offered to share some of his portion of the stolen cash to help support the unborn child.

After being instructed by a gun-crazed Berlin (Pedro Alonso) to kill her, Denver shot her in the leg to fake the death and hid her in the vault.

Although Stockholm was released to a different room to have the bullet removed she requested to be sent back to the vault and away from Arturo who had also become a hostage.

There Stockholm and Denver grew closer and it eventually sparked a romantic relationship.

This was how she was renamed because she had Stockholm syndrome after falling in love with her captor.

With her decision to be involved with Denver, she went from hostage to being part of the gang of robbers as she agreed to help them on their heist.

Stockholm was loved by fans for bringing out a softer side of Denver and choosing to assist the team, rather than follow her obsessed ex-boyfriend Arturo.

With Esther being confirmed to reprise her role in season five, she was recently interviewed by Indian Express where she gave fans some insight into her character in the upcoming season.

Speaking on her character’s development, she said: “I’m super happy, more episodes are coming, and the truth is that I’m very happy with Stockholm’s character, with everything she’s going through.

The actress added: “She has gone from that secretary we barely remember, to being part of the gang and having a little more strength, power, and courage to do some crazy things, by the way.”

When asked about Stockholm’s fate in season five, she revealed: “I don’t want to say too much. But I’m really enjoying it. It’s exhausting, but it’s so exciting and so much fun that I’m happy.”

With Stockholm being “happy”, perhaps fans will finally get to see her escape with the cash and live free with Denver.

Thankfully, Netflix has announced the release dates for the crime series and viewers don’t have long to wait.

Money Heist will be split into two parts with part one premiering on September 3rd and the second half returning to screens on December 3rd.

All episodes of Money Heist are available to stream on Netflix.

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