Mountain of pus ‘like mashed potato’ erupts from huge cyst on man’s neck

This is the moment a man’s huge neck cyst was burst – oozing out pus “like mashed potato”.

Renowned dermatologist Dr Pimple Popper, real name Sandra Lee, kicked off her new series on TLC with arguably her most disgusting removals yet.

Juan, 32, from Texas, US, visited the surgeon after leaving golf ball-sized boils to grow all over his body for 19 years.

In the episode, he tells her had them popped several times in the past and drained – but they always return.

Dr Lee warns the scar tissue surrounding many of the cysts “increases the rate of occurrence”.

But she makes it her mission to remove the sac – a pocket of membranous tissue – from the biggest cyst on his neck.

The gruesome footage shows the moment she slices open the sac – to unleash a torrent of slimy pus.

“It looks like mashed potatoes,” Dr Lee tells Juan.

As more pus seeps out, he tells her he can feel an instant relief. The surgeon then goes about draining liquid from two other cysts before closing up the incisions.

After the surgery, Juan said it was “such a big relief” to be able to turn his head again.

“Soon as I get back to Texas, I'm going to my barber and I'm going to get my hair cut," he said.

Of course, it is not the first time Dr Lee’s surgeries have horrified viewers.

Last year, she was sprayed in thick white pus after squeezing a man’s head cyst in a stomach-churning episode.

And in July, a mountain of liquid like “cheese ravioli” was filmed erupting from a woman’s scalp.

Dr Pimple Popper airs on TLC.

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