Oscars Academy Votes to Hold Annual Meetings for Its Members

Only twice in the last decade has the Academy invited all members to a meeting

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The Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has approved a resolution to hold annual meetings in which members of the Academy will be invited to participate in person or virtually.

The meetings will be open to the 10,000-plus worldwide members of the Academy, who will be able to submit written questions in advance. The Academy president (currently David Rubin) and CEO (Dawn Hudson) will select member questions to be answered during the presentation.

The Academy has held similar meetings only twice in the last decade, once in 2013 under then-president Hawk Koch and a second in 2017.

According to the resolution, the meetings will now take place annually, in the second quarter of the calendar year, and will be held in Los Angeles County. This will likely place them within two or three months of the annual Oscars ceremony.

The resolution was presented to the board by Academy leadership at a scheduled board meeting on Tuesday, and immediately approved.

The resolution:

A meeting of the members of AMPAS shall be held annually in the second quarter of the calendar year, in the county of Los Angeles, virtually and/or in person, as the Board of Governors may designate, for the purpose of considering the affairs of the Academy. Members may submit written questions in advance of the annual meeting; the Board President and CEO will select a representative sample to answer during the presentation. A recorded version of the presentation will be posted on the member portal afterwards. If, in the opinion of the Board of Governors, the annual meeting cannot be conveniently help in the second quarter, it shall be empowered to call said meeting at any time within fifteen (15) months after the last Annual Meeting.

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